Most City offices closed Wednesday, June 19, to observe Juneteenth

The City of Portland recognizes Juneteenth as a formal day of remembrance to honor Black American history and the end of slavery in the United States. Learn about Juneteenth.

Lotería Go - Learn more about the cards

Loteria Go with three playing cards - bus, sharrow, and traffic light

These cards are part of the Loteria Go game taking place July 26 to September 5. It is free to play and you can learn how to play at

El Autobús 

An image of a Trimet bus with the words "El Autobus" below.

Buses are a great way to get around. Line 74 connects the Wilkes, Glenfair, Rockwood and Centennial neighborhoods, or transfer to the MAX Blue Line or FX 2 Frequent Service Bus Line on Division Street. As part of the 162nd Ave Safety project, new bus station islands were built to improve boarding the bus.

La Bici Flecha

Loteria go card with bike sharrow

Sharrows (shared arrow) is a symbol that means cars and bikes share the road, but that it's a road bikes are encouraged use. In Portand, our neighborhood greenways are marked with Sharrows to designate them as bike friendly and the speed limit for cars is set to 15 mph. The 4M Neighborhood Greenway was just completed!

La Brújula 

An image of a compass with North as the only cardinal direction represented, and the words "La Brujula" below.

Powell Butte is a hub for Portland’s water, as well as an expansive part of meadowland and forest that you can explore. You can find the compass that inspired this card by following the paved Mountain View trail to the top of Powell Butte where you will discover a mountain finder compass that points to local buttes and volcanoes.

La Ciclista 

An image of a person riding a bicycle with the words "La Ciclista" below.

Bicycling is a convenient and healthy way to get around. Whether you're going to the neighborhood park or to work, cycling improves your mental health and lets you skip traffic. Neighborhood greenways help you discover the quiet and safe routes through neighborhoods. With over 100 miles of biking facilities, bicycling is becoming a viable option in East Portland.

La Flor 

An image of a flower without its petals and the words "La Flor" below.

La Flor can be found at Verdell Burdine Rutherford park. Rutherford park covers nearly 8 acres in the Centennial Neighborhood at SE 167th and Market Street, just west of Patrick Lynch Elementary School. It features a new playground area, pathways, and benches. The park is named after a famous Black Portlander who served as co-chair of the Portland branch of the NAACP and also kept extensive historical logs which her family has donated to PSU.

La Libélula 

An image of a dragonfly amongst blades of grass and the words "La Libelula" below.

Powell Butte is a hub for Portland’s water, as well as an expansive part of meadowland and forest that you can explore. The Powell Butte Visitor Center interpretive trail has four posts that feature animal sculptures, including a dragonfly. Dragonflies’ wings can move in different directions, allowing them to fly fast and agile, to catch and eat other flying insects, especially mosquitoes.

El Pescado 

An image of a fish skeleton and the words "El Pescado" below.

Powell Butte is a hub for Portland’s water, as well as an expansive part of meadowland and forest that you can explore. Look in the Powell Butte Visitor Center patio design to find a fish! See the inscription, “We return, thanks to the rivers and streams.”

La Tuberia de Agua 

An image of a water pipe with the words "La Tuberia de Agua" below.

Powell Butte is a hub for Portland’s water. Hundreds of miles of water pipe bring water from the Bull Run Watershed to the Powell Butte reservoirs and distribute it across the region. Find samples of water pipe sizes at the Visitor Center.

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