Springs Awakening ride

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An easy bike ride to celebrate Spring and to see where PBOT will improve streets for biking in St Johns and nearby.
Photos shows green plant with compound leaves, each with several leaflets along the sides and one at the end. Purple flowers at the center.
4:30 pm 6:30 pm

Celebrate the vernal equinox and the return of easy biking season with this tour of St Johns and vicinity.  We'll see some new bikeways that will soon be awakening in the area and count the number of buds breaking into blossom along the way. 

This ride is a loop (will return to start) about 8-10 miles long.  We'll travel at an easy-pace with no one left behind - and we'll ride rain or shine.  Free and open to everyone!


St. Johns Community Center

Community And Arts Center
Park Location or Entrance
8427 N Central Street
Portland, OR 97203


Timo Forsberg

Transportation Demand Management Specialist, PBOT