Cully Neighborhood Bike Fair

Community Event
The Cully Neighborhood Bike Fair at Rigler Elementary is a free family-friendly event!
PBOT staffing helping child bicycle rider in a traffic playground
2:15 pm 5:15 pm

The Cully Neighborhood Bike Fair at Rigler Elementary is a free family-friendly event! 

Where: Rigler Elementary 5401 NE Prescott St, Portland, OR 97218 

Activities are FREE and there’s something for everyone, including: 

  • Biking lessons for children with activities to learn about bike safety skills  

  • Learn-to-ride coaching for adults just starting out on a bike  

  • Quick-fix Bike Repair to make sure your bike is rolling smoothly and safely  

  • BIKETOWN sign up table, Portland’s electric-assist shared bike program 

Bring your own bike or borrow one of ours to participate in the fair activities. We’ll have our bike fleet on site with different bike sizes available for children and adults. This event is hosted in partnership with the Rigler and Scott Elementary Parent Teacher Associations and Community Cycling Center. 



Michael Espinoza

Transportation Demand Management Specialist, PBOT