Event Bike Parking

Temporary bike parking at events is a practical solution to save space and improve event operations and attendance. The Portland Bureau of Transportation does not provide temporary bike parking.
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Local temporary bike parking providers in Portland

The Portland Bureau of Transportation does not provide temporary bike parking. The following providers operate in Portland.

Event bicycle parking for several hundred bikes in a closed street

Go By Bike


If you recently parked at an event and did not retrieve your bike before the racks were removed, please contact the event organizer. This includes Thorns and Timbers games, which provide their own temporary bike parking on game nights.  

Temporary Event Bicycle Parking Planning Recommendations

Providing temporary bike parking at events is practical, saves space, and can improve event operations and attendance in many ways. Since more attendees can arrive by bike and efficiently park in a designated bike parking area, motor vehicle trips, parking demand, traffic, and vehicle emissions are significantly reduced.

PBOT recommends that event organizers reserve space for bike parking equal to a minimum of 2% of the total expected crowd attendance; however, bike parking for 5% or greater is ideal. If the event is catered specifically to people who ride bikes, then plan accordingly to accommodate the demand.

An average length of 6 feet and a width of 1 ¾ feet should be reserved for parking a single bike. An average of 10 bicycles will fit in one car parking spot. Bike parking should be visible from the main entrance to the event.

Temporary permits for the use of parking lanes

If you are unable to provide bicycle parking within the event facility (building, private property, permitted street closure, or park area) you can apply for a Temporary Street Use Permit to use on-street parking for event bike parking. You can also apply to close all or part of a street if your event requires additional space.

Fees for these permits vary depending on location and duration of the permit. Call the Permit Center at 503-823-7365 or email CPAC@portlandoregon.gov to verify permit fees and processes.