Bike and Walk Maps of Portland

Section of the North Portland Bike/Walk Map showing St Johns to Columbia Park
Free bike and walk maps produced by the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) include the Citywide bike map, five neighborhood bike and walk maps, the online Portland Bike Map and maps for suggested bike rides around Portland and the metro area.
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Portland By Bicycle Citywide Bike Map

Our Citywide Bike Map is available online (view it below), or

click here for the full online, mobile-friendly map

To find a print version, bilingual in English and Spanish, check at Multnomah County Libraries and at most bike shops.

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For a quick guide to using our online bike map check out this video:


Portland Neighborhood Bike and Walk Maps

Our five Neighborhood Bike and Walk Maps are available in print at Multnomah County Libraries and at most bike shops.  You can view a PDF version by clicking below.

North  Map, bilingual in English and Spanish

Southeast Map, bilingual in English and Spanish 

Northwest/Downtown Map, bilingual in English and Spanish  

Northeast  Map, bilingual in English and Spanish    

Southwest/South Map, bilingual in English and Spanish   

Suggested Bike Rides Around Portland 

A variety of route maps to showcase some of the best places to ride around Portland.  The rides are all loops, using low-traffic streets, neighborhood greenways, off-street paths and bike lanes. 

Suggested Bike Rides

Take a spin on Portland's extensive bikeway network.  We have several print-ready maps for tours 5.5 to 8 miles long that you can take in various parts of the city.  

BIKETOWN Central City Rides

These routes are based in Portland's Central City and have BIKETOWN stations along the way. 

Suggested Walks Around Portland

Looking for inspiration for your next stroll? These suggested walking routes include the mileage, a description of the walk, turn by turn directions and a map to help take out the guesswork.

Suggested Walks 

Portland Metropolitan Area Bike Maps and more

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