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Vision Zero Action Plan

Portland’s Vision Zero Action Plan sets out specific, measurable actions to move toward zero traffic deaths or serious injuries on Portland streets.


No person should die or be incapacitated in the everyday act of moving about. But each year dozens of Portlanders lose their lives doing just that. In 2015, Portland made a commitment to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injuries on city streets. The 2016 Vision Zero Action Plan mapped out actions to make that commitment a reality.

Portland City Council passed a resolution adopting Vision Zero in June 2015. This set in motion a planning effort that created the Vision Zero Action Plan and a 2-year update approved by City Council.

Cover of Portland's Vision Zero Action Plan; a partially transparent map of a Portland street map is superimposed over an image of a person crossing the street in front of a stopped sedan

Portland's Vision Zero 2-Year Update report (June 2019) describes lessons learned during Portland’s first two years as a Vision Zero city and sets the stage for the next phase of work. 

Cover of Vision Zero 2 Year Update. SAVING LIVES WITH SAFE STREETS is super imposed over a transparent orange image of a speed limit sign being changed.