Memorial Day closure

Most City of Portland offices will be closed Monday, May 27, in observance of Memorial Day.

Variable message boards about traffic deaths

Variable message board announcing a traffic death on 7/21/23 on a four-lane, two-way street with a bike lane.
Following a deadly crash, we install temporary displays to recognize the impact of traffic violence.

In response to a deadly traffic crash, the Portland Bureau of Transportation follows a protocol of actions to raise awareness and respond to the tragedy of people killed on our streets. In addition to conducting an emergency engineering evaluation, and, if possible, designing and implementing quick, low-cost infrastructure changes to address safety concerns, we install portable variable message boards. 

We locate these signs where deadly traffic crashes occur on city streets to remind people to travel safely and acknowledge the human toll of traffic crashes. The portable variable message boards remain up for approximately two weeks. The signs alternate between two messages, one that indicates the date of the traffic death, and the other which reminds the public to “travel with care."

Since 2019, PBOT has placed these signs at eligible deadly traffic crash sites, alerting the public to the crash date along with a message to "travel with care."

In support of the city's transition to a new form of government, we adapting the process for placing portable variable message board signs following deadly traffic crashes. Starting in 2024, PBOT will place one sign in each of the four new geographic districts each quarter along a High Crash Network street segment where one or more deadly traffic crashes occurred in the previous year. This new approach to sign placement also supports our commitment to fiscal responsibility by reducing sign deployment costs while continuing to raise awareness of the impact of deadly traffic crashes on Portland streets.

If you have concerns about the placement of the signs, or other questions or comments, please contact us.