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How to resolve a safety camera citation

This photo shows an electronic speed reader board and the speed limit
This website provides an overview of your options for resolving a citation from a speed safety camera in Portland.
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Helpful contacts

  • Multnomah County Circuit Court (Portland) 971-274-0545
  • Multnomah County Circuit Court (East County/Gresham) 971-274-0700 (option 4)
  • Photo Enforcement Violation Hotline: 503-221-0415  or  1-800-799-7082
  • Oregon Driver Education Center (for assistance with Driver Safety Class): 971-701-0331

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Options to resolve your citation

There are 6 different options to resolve a citation from a speed safety camera. Speed safety cameras are sometimes referred to as "fixed speed cameras."

1. Pay a fee to take a class and dismiss the citation

You may be eligible to take a traffic safety class and have your citation dismissed. Paradigm Driving Solutions/Oregon Driver Education Center (ODEC) is the official class provider. If you want to choose this option, sign up as soon as possible. Classes fill up quickly and you will not be granted an extension if classes are full.

You are eligible if:

  • You have not received a speeding ticket or any Failure to Obey a Traffic Controlled Device citation during the last THREE years. Out of state citations apply.
  • You are a licensed driver, with a legal driver license.
  • The citation was issued and spelled correctly in your FIRST and LAST name as it appears on your Driver License.
  • You take this class at least 14 days before your court date.
  • You have a working webcam on a computer, tablet or smartphone with access to internet.
  • You have an email address to receive notifications and class invite links.

The online class is available in Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Please call Paradigm (971-701-0331) or message them after you register.

If you received a citation with a $170 fine, the class will cost $125. If you received a citation with a $270 fine, the class will cost $225. If you are eligible for SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) or OHP (Oregon Health Plan), you may be eligible for a class discount during registration.

2. Pay your citation online

You may be eligible for a reduced fine based on your driving history.

Go to the Oregon Justice Department Courts ePay page to pay your citation. The website will inform if you are eligible for a reduced fine.

3. Enter a plea of no contest and send a letter of explanation (written appearance)

This option waives your right to a trial and provides a written appearance. The court may consider your written statement when determining the fine amount. You must sign and date OPTION 2  on your citation and either mail or bring it to the court BEFORE the day and time your citation requires you to appear in court. (Mail to: Multnomah County Circuit Court, P.O. Box 114, Portland OR 97207) You must also pay the full amount of the fine listed on your citation and provide a written statement explaining the circumstances of the violation(s) charged.

4. Appear in court

  • Enter a plea of not guilty and request a trial: Go to the court on or before the day and time written on the top of your citation to plead not guilty and request a trial. You can also enter a not guilty plea online.
    Submit a not guilty plea
  • Submit a written request for trial: You must sign and date OPTION 3 on your citation and send/bring your citation to court BEFORE the day and time you are required to appear in court. If you respond by mail, it must arrive at the court before you are required to appear. (Mail to: Multnomah County Circuit Court, P.O. Box 114, Portland OR 97207)  More information can be found on your citation or by calling 503-221-0415.

5. Request a trial with written statements only (no court appearance or testimony)

Contact the court before the day and time that your citation requires you to appear to determine if you qualify for a trial by affidavit. If so, the trial will be based upon sworn, written statements. Future court appearances may not be necessary. If you do not qualify or the court does not offer this option, you must comply with one of the other options listed on your citation. Call 503-221-0415 if you have questions.

6. Not the driver? Submit a Certificate of Innocence (COI)

If you were not the driver at the time of citation, using the enclosed envelope you received, send the Certificate of Innocence and a legible photocopy of the front and back of your drivers license to Multnomah County Circuit Court, P.O. Box 114, Portland OR 97207. You can also submit the form online.

Submit an online Certificate of Innocence

The completed certificate of innocence and the photocopy of the driver’s license must be received within 40 days of the incident date on the citation or else it will not be processed. If you were not the driver at the time the offense occurred, the citation against you will be dismissed. The high-resolution images captured during the citation will be reviewed, and if it is determined that you were the driver, the citation will be mailed to you again. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who do I write the check to? 

    • Make checks payable to:
      STATE OF OREGON [Citation Number]
  • Where do I mail my check and citation?

    • If you choose an option that requires you to mail payment and your citation, mail to:
      Multnomah County Circuit Court
      P.O. Box 114
      Portland, OR 97207
  • Where can I find the amount of my citation? 

    • The fine of your citation is listed on the "Oregon Uniform Citation and Complaint" document in your citation packet. The presumptive fine is the amount the defendant can pay to resolve the violation offense without having to do anything else, unless the law or the court requires the defendant to appear (source: Office of the State Court Administrator).
A scanned image of a blank traffic citation. The citation fine is highlighted by a red rectangle, about halfway down the page on the right side.
The fine for your citation appears about halfway down the page.
  •  I received a citation for a vehicle that I sold. What do I do?

    • Submit the Certificate of Innocence you received in the mailed citation packet. It is possible that the vehicle has not yet been titled in the new owner's name. If you have not already reported the sale to the Oregon DMV, you'll need to report it. You can call Oregon DMV's Customer Service Line at 503-945-5400.
  • I lost my citation packet. How do I get a new one?

    • Please call 1-800-799-7082 - option 0.


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