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PBOT Vision Zero May 2023 Newsletter

Portland Bureau of Transportation May 2023 Vision Zero newsletter.

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PBOT Vision Zero March 2023 Newsletter

Portland Bureau of Transportation March 2023 Vision Zero newsletter.

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Why we say “crash” not “accident”

We’re inviting our community to change the way we talk about crashes, and in doing so, change the broad cultural perception that crashes are inevitable. A Vision Zero approach refuses to accept traffic violence as a byproduct of “just the way things are.” So, will you join us?

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PBOT urges the public to slow down, as speed, impairment keep pedestrian deaths at historic high level in Portland, across U.S. in 2022

Speed, impairment, and traveling on high crash corridors accounted for most traffic crashes. The 30 busy, multilane streets PBOT has identified as high crash corridors comprise less than 10% of city streets, but accounted for 70% percent of the traffic deaths last year.

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News Release: Portland and Seattle transportation agencies urge drivers to Slow the Flock Down!

A joint campaign between the Pacific Northwest's two largest cities uses humor to send an important safety message

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Alcohol remains a major factor in deadly Portland crashes

If you drink, it is safest to avoid driving and to help others do the same.

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PBOT urges the public to travel with care, as COVID-19 pandemic continues to contribute to unsafe travel behavior across the U.S., Portland

Deaths among houseless Portlanders present a rising challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic; Recent examples show PBOT's road redesigns are making city streets safer

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With the start of the school year, PBOT reminds the public that school routes are everywhere, urges Portlanders to 'drive like it'

With so many kids walking, biking and otherwise traveling on the city's sidewalks and streets, the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) is urging people driving to be especially careful and to drive with extra caution and attention. 

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Prompt repairs after crashes help keep our streets safe

Each year, the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) makes hundreds of emergency infrastructure repairs to ensure the proper functioning of infrastructure that can help people use our streets safely.

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News Release: PBOT, state representatives, ODOT, and community announce historic 82nd Avenue funding

State and local elected leaders join Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty and PBOT to announce $80 million in funding for safer 82nd Ave. Funding makes the transformation of 82nd Ave. and its transfer to the city of Portland possible. PBOT also announces list of safety projects it will start immediately.

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PBOT to lower speed limit on 5.5 miles of 122nd Avenue to improve safety on a high crash corridor

The Portland Bureau of Transportation will reduce the speed limit from 35 mph to 30 mph on 122nd Avenue between NE Sandy Boulevard and SE Foster Road on Wednesday morning, April 21.

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PBOT launches Vision Zero dashboard with new data about the city's efforts to eliminate traffic deaths and improve road safety

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) introduces the Vision Zero dashboard, a new tool to help Portlanders better understand and track the bureau's efforts to eliminate deaths and serious injuries from Portland streets.

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News Release: Safety improvements, travel tips, and a reminder to all Portlanders as students head back to the classroom: “Kids are everywhere. Drive like it.”

PBOT’s Safe Routes to School program is supporting families as they make the transition back to in-school learning

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News Release: PBOT urges public to focus on wellness, caution as Portland sees a 24-year high number of people die in traffic crashes

2020 defies historic pattern of fewer traffic crashes during economic recession

Excessive speed and impairment contributed to majority of traffic deaths

Indications that Vision Zero is reducing dangerous behaviors along key routes

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Analysis indicates 20 mph speed limit reduced driving speeds

Small but significant reductions suggest safety benefits from Portland's 20 mph speed limit.

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Remembering crash victims in Portland and across the world

Traffic crash victims and those who love them are the focus of World Day of Remembrance on Sunday, November 15th.

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News Blog: Travel with care as Daylight Saving Time ends Nov. 1

Darker evenings bring greater crash risk

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