About Vision Zero

Adults and caregivers — one wearing a reflective Vision Zero safety vest — walk ahead of and behind a group of elementary students.
Protecting human lives is core to Vision Zero, the goal to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injuries on Portland streets.

Portland's Vision Zero commitment

No person should die or be incapacitated from simply going about their day.

Vision Zero, the goal to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injuries, originated in Sweden in 1997 and made landfall in the U.S. in New York City in 2014.  

Portland committed to this vision in the city’s original Vision Zero Action Plan (2016). We reaffirmed again in the Vision Zero Two-Year Update (2019) and in the Vision Zero Action Plan Update 2023-25

Traffic deaths and serious injuries are preventable. We have the tools to reverse the trend of rising traffic violence. The Portland Bureau of Transportation is committed to using every tool we have to slow speeds, save lives, and build a culture of shared responsibility.

A highly-detailed, multimedia timeline of Portland Vision Zero from 2015 to 2022 using photos, icons, and text to highlight work ranging from policy initiatives, technology installations, infrastructure safety projects, campaigns, and more.