Streetlight shield

Streetlight shields may be installed on a case-by-case basis when a streetlight shines directly into a home. Requests are evaluated by the Signal and Street Lighting team at the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT). Installation is not guaranteed.

What is the basis for installing a shield on a light near a home?

The goal of City street lighting is to provide night-time visibility to safely navigate our travel ways. Shield installations are not warranted in cases that compromise this goal. We do not install shields on the front of streetlights or at intersections/ corners.

It is a reasonable expectation to see light from a home. It is also reasonable to see the light diodes when looking at a streetlight. A shield may not mitigate seeing light "glare". A shield on the house side of a light may cut down the unwanted light onto private property behind the light.

A member of Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) Signals and Street Lighting (SSL) team will evaluate shield requests. If the investigation identifies a shield will maintain safety and minimize unwanted light, the City will request an electrician to install a house side shield as a courtesy.