Sign Pole Litter

Report sign pole litter

City Code

City Code states that it is illegal to post signs, bills, advertisements, or other notices on City-owned telecommunications equipment, street light poles, traffic signal systems, signal control boxes, and sign poles.

Sign Pole Litter Cleaning 

Graffiti cleaning operations respond to reports of graffiti on structures, signs, and signals. Patrols now respond between 48 to 72 hours of a report. When reporting graffiti, please leave a message including the location, cross street or corner, your name and phone number.

Report Sign Pole Litter at 503-823-1700.

Permits for items on light poles

The City issues permits to post items such as event banners and flower baskets on City-owned street light poles.


PBOT 24/7 Maintenance Dispatch

phone number503-823-1700Available 24/7 for emergency road hazards.