Safe Streets User Survey

Online Survey
We want to hear your feedback on PBOT’s Safe Streets Initiative, including:
- Healthy Businesses: Expanded outdoor dining
- Slow Streets: Neighborhood greenway advisory signage
- Safer Busy Streets: Expanded walkways and corners

Take our newest Safe Streets Initiative User Survey to help us better serve Portlanders during Covid-19.

Image reads: Does this street feel safer? Text "Greenway" to 31996 for a quick survey.

Follow these simple steps to tell us your thoughts on the Healthy Businesses, Slow Streets, and Safer Busy Streets programs:

  1. Pick the code word assigned to the area you want to comment on from the map or list below.
  2. Text the code word to 31996.
  3. Complete our short survey!

For example, to provide feedback on the Healthy Businesses program in SE Portland, text “SEPDX” to 31996. To provide feedback on the Slow Streets program, text “GREENWAY” to 31996.

The surveys will be open until Oct. 31, 2020.

For more information on the Safe Streets Initiative, visit

A map of the code words by geographic location for providing feedback on the Safe Streets Initiative.

Healthy Businesses Code Words

  • North Portland – NPDX
  • NE Portland – NEPDX
  • SE Portland – SEPDX
  • East Portland – EPDX
  • SW Portland – SWPDX
  • South Portland – SPDX
  • NW Portland – NWPDX
  • Central City – CENTRALPDX

Slow Streets Code Word


Safer Busy Streets Code Words

  • Expanded Walkways in Gateway Area – GPDX
  • Expanded Corners – CORNER