Apply for a Healthy Blocks permit

The Portland Bureau of Transportation’s (PBOT) Healthy Blocks permit allows temporary changes to streets to give people more space to stay active safely amid our current public health crisis. Applications for Healthy Blocks permits are open.

Application takes 5 minutes to complete. Permit processing takes 7-15 business days, permits will be emailed to applicants.

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Before you apply

If you haven’t already, please review where Healthy Blocks are allowed and all permit requirements first on our What is a Healthy Blocks permit page

Apply online

If you have determined your block is eligible for our Healthy Blocks program, and have already begun speaking to neighbors about it, you may fill out an application here:

Online Healthy Blocks application

How to use your permit

All of the following requirements on setup, breakdown, barricades, and signage will be included in your permit. Please contact the PBOT Healthy Blocks team if you have any questions at or 503-823-4003.

Neighbor notification

We encourage all applicants to reach out to neighbors before applying. Once approved, you must notify your neighbors at least 2 days prior to your closure. We’ve included a flyer you can print and use here:


Image showing a street closed sign during the day and at night. The daylight one has a ladder with reflective tape. The "after dusk" one is a Type 2 barricade with a flashing light on top.
Pictures show examples of a household item with reflective tape used for a daylight street closure (left) and a Type 2 barricade with flashing light used for an after dusk closure (right).
  • At both ends of your closure, install barricades 3-6 feet apart
  • By state law, every corner is a crosswalk unless otherwise indicated. Place barricades out of marked (and unmarked) crosswalks and behind any extension of the sidewalk so people can still cross the street safely.
  • If your block is adjacent to an arterial street, you must use Type 3 barricades (see our Basic Traffic Control Devices and Vendors page for options).
  • If your block is not adjacent to an arterial street, you may use Type 2 barricades or household items such as personal trash bins or furniture. Keep in mind all the following requirements for using household items used for barricades:
    • Height. Barricades must be at least 3 feet tall and 18 inches wide.
    • Quantity. Permit holders must place a minimum of 2 household items at each end of the closure. As with any barricade, they should be set 3-6 feet apart.
    • Daylight hours only. Household items may only be used as barricades during daylight hours. Permits that extend into dusk or evening hours will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If approved, permits that extend past dust will require additional traffic control devices with warning lights.
    • Retroreflective tape. Items must be marked with retroreflective tape as follows:
      • A minimum of two 4-inch retro-reflective bands on all sides of the garbage can or household item.
      • The first band of tape must be placed 2 inches from the top of the item.
      • The second band should be between 2-6 inches below the first band.
    • Fire lane. Regardless of barricade type, permit holders must still leave an 11-foot wide fire lane open at all times
    • Monitoring. Garbage cans or other household items can only be placed in the street during the permitted closure and while the right-of-way is being used for Healthy Blocks. Permit holders should make sure items are properly weighted and monitored so that they don’t fall over and remain where they should.


Signs should be clearly visible to everyone, including people driving. Be sure that no signs interferes with or blocks retroreflective tape.

  • STREET CLOSED sign. A “STREET CLOSED” sign is required to be placed on the garbage can or household item at the center of the street, on both ends of your closure. This sign must be at least 2-feet tall and 3-feet wide. This sign should not cover any of the retroreflective tape and should be placed at least 20 inches above the roadway surface. Here is a PDF version of a “STREET CLOSED” sign you can print yourself or at a print shop. Please check out Adobe’s website with helpful instructions for printing posters and banners, and assembling yourself.
  • PBOT HEALTHY BLOCKS sign. You will also receive a “PBOT Healthy Blocks” sign with your permit which should be placed on your barricades or household items, below the retroreflective tape.
  • Covid-19 public health signs. Download and print Multnomah County health guidance for preventing the spread of Covid-19. Place these signs at both ends of your street closure. As with all other signage, do not block the retroreflective tape.

Dusk and evening

  • Any permit using household items as barricades must remove these items and have the street completely reopened for normal use by dusk.
  • Permits requesting closures past daylight hours, into dusk or evening, must use appropriate Type 2 or 3 barricades (see above) that have flashing lights attached.

Setup and takedown

In most cases, a generic traffic control plan will be included with your permit. This is to guide you in how and where to set up barricades and signs, hours of operation, etc. If you are adjacent to an arterial street, we will provide a site-specific traffic control plan free of charge. Please follow all instructions carefully. Note:

  • Times of day indicated on your permit are inclusive of setup and breakdown time.
  • Do not begin setting up your closure until the time indicated on your permit.
  • Permit holders and hosts must clear all equipment, barricades, signs, household items, and debris from the public right-of-way, and have your street completely reopened before the ending time indicated on your permit.
  • If the Healthy Block becomes inactive it must be reopened for normal use. 

Public health compliance

Permit holders and hosts are responsible for ensuring compliance with Multnomah County guidance on outdoor recreation to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. See signage section for posting public health guidance on both ends of your Healthy Blocks.

Share photos and spread the joy

Have photos of you and your neighbors using your Healthy Blocks you want to share? Feel free to tag us so more people know about the program. We’re @PBOTInfo on all social media.

Contact us

Questions before applying or about your permit? 

Contact us at or 503-823-4003

To report a problem with an installation or to give us feedback on how PBOT’s Healthy Blocks program is going, please fill out PBOT's Healthy Blocks - Feedback Form and share this form with others.