Apply for a temporary pickup/drop-off parking space for your business

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) launched the Safe Streets Initiative in response to the Covid-19 public health crisis. Part of this initiative is FREE, temporary, 5-minute pickup/drop-off permit to use a designated parking space near your business. Zones are valid through June 30, 2022.

The application is now closed.

As we move out of pandemic response, PBOT is ending the temporary 5-minute pickup/drop-off spaces on July 1, 2022.  

Permit holders can return the A-Board signs to our facilities at 816 N Graham Street on July 19 and Aug. 4 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. We will reach out at the end of July with a downtown location and dates. 

In August 2021, PBOT piloted 5-minute Fast Stop parking zones in five locations. PBOT Parking Control staff will now take requests from businesses for permanent 5-minute Fast Stop signage installation across Portland.

To request a 5-minute Fast Stop, email

For more information, please visit: 

5-Minute Fast Stop Parking Zones


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phone number503-823-4026Contact with questions before applying, or about your Healthy Businesses permit for the September 2022 - December 2023 cycle.

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