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The Portland Bureau of Transportation’s (PBOT) Healthy Businesses permit allows temporary changes to streets to give people more space to conduct business safely. Free permits that expired June 30 were extended at no charge through Aug. 31, 2022. A new permit cycle with some changes begins Sept. 1.

Application takes 5-10 minutes. Due to a high volume of requests, we estimate 5-10 business days to respond. Approval time varies. Healthy Businesses permits expire August 31, 2022. Please contact PBOT staff to ensure your permit is active.

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Current Healthy Businesses permits expire Aug. 31, 2022. If you had an active permit before June 30, you should have received a new permit that has been extended through Aug. 31. If you have not, please reach out to

Major update April 20, 2023:

PBOT is currently developing permanent design guidelines for the Healthy Business Permitting Program to allow restaurants and bars to use the public Right-of-Way and expand their dining space through sidewalk cafés and streetside installations. These guidelines will ensure access for people with disabilities, emergency response, public transit operations, and loading zones and address street safety hazards. Read the draft guidelines below. 

Major update July 27, 2022:

Applications for the September 2022 – December 2023 permit cycle are now available. Please read this page thoroughly for changes to the application and review process and reach out to us if you have any questions.

Determine whether the Healthy Businesses permit is right for your situation

Healthy Businesses permits allow businesses and organizations to conduct their business in the sidewalk or street on an on-going basis.

All Healthy Businesses permit holders must follow the Healthy Businesses design requirements and permit conditions. Please review them before applying.

Determine what you will use public right-of-way space for

Public right-of-way space may be used for restaurant tables and chairs, waiting areas, retail space, temporary patio or plaza, or other services and creative uses you might have.

New Draft Design Guidelines

PBOT is developing design guidelines with engagement from the local business community and other stakeholders. These guidelines will ensure access for people with disabilities, emergency response, public transit operations, and loading zones and address street safety hazards. The draft guidelines will help permit holders understand what will ultimately be required under the permanent program goals and requirements. 

PBOT is currently soliciting public feedback via a survey on these draft guidelines. Please visit our Development of New, Long-Term Dining Permit Program webpage for more information and to take the survey.

Coordinate with neighboring businesses and organizations

Check with your neighbors to see if they also need public right-of-way. Work with these other businesses or organizations to determine how much space you all need and how the public right-of-way could be used. 

For permits valid after Sept. 1, new applicants (those who do not have a permit valid through Aug. 31) will be required to submit a signed Neighbor Consent Form if their proposed permitted area extends in front of the neighbor’s frontage:

Estimate your fees

For permits valid after Sept. 1, there will be application and permit fees.

Fees for Healthy Businesses permits

Gather your information

To complete the permit application, you will need the following information:

  • Contact information for the person responsible for the application
  • Basic business or organization information, including mailing address and the address of the location for which you are applying
  • Some idea of the plans for the space: What space are you requesting? What do you want to put in it? What are the space’s dimensions?
  • Desired permit start date

You will also need to submit current photos of the space you intend to use (if this is a new application) or your installation (if this is a renewal). Images from Google Street View will not be accepted. Please include the following:

  • A photo of the site from across the street
  • A photo of the site from the nearest intersection
  • A photo showing the sidewalk from building frontage to curb

In order to avoid delays in permit processing, it is recommended that you attach the photos when applying online. You may also submit them via email if you are unable to submit them when you apply. If you need assistance with this requirement, please contact us.

Apply online

To apply for a permit valid starting Sept. 1:

Apply for a Healthy Businesses permit

If you do not have a current permit and need one that will be valid before Sept. 1, 2022, please contact us at

After you apply

After you submit an application, a Healthy Businesses team member will get in touch with you to complete the permitting process. PBOT will support applicants as much as we can to make sure they meet the permit requirements.

Steps to finish processing your permit application:

  1. Pay your application fee. For permits valid after Sept.1, applicants must pay the $150 application fee before the permit application will be reviewed. A Healthy Businesses team member will contact you for payment. Please do not send us a check.
  2. Submit any missing or additional information. Your permit technician will let you know what else you need to submit in order to process your application. This might include:
    1. Missing information. If you were unable to upload photos with your application, we will request them by email at this point.
    2. Proof of insurance.
    3. A consent form from your neighbor (if applicable).
  3. Be available for an inspection. An in-person inspection of the proposed site may be required.
  4. Pay your permit fee and complete the Rescue Plan reporting form. After all other steps are completed, a Healthy Businesses team member will contact you for the final steps:
    1. Pay your permit fee, following the steps the Healthy Businesses team member gives you.
    2. Complete the Rescue Plan reporting form. The City of Portland is required to request demographic information from recipients of Rescue Plan-funded programs, services, and assistance for federal reporting on our use of these funds. In addition, we may use this information to help ensure that our services reach a broad cross section of the community. Your responses will be stored separately from your permit application and will not be used to evaluate your application. While you must complete the form before we can issue your permit, every demographic question has an “I prefer not to disclose” choice available.
  5. Receive your permit.

Receive your approved permit

When PBOT staff has approved your permit, we will email you a copy along with permit conditions and requirements.

If you are using parking spaces in a metered district, officers with PBOT Parking Enforcement will place reservation signage or devices for you. If you are outside a metered district, we will email you "no parking" signs you will need to place yourself. Traffic control devices are required.

All use of Healthy Businesses permits must align with state and county health guidance related to Covid-19 and businesses, including hours of operation:

Related permits

Other agencies may require permits for new or altered commercial uses. Check with the following agencies for guidance on which permits may be required for your specific situation:

Bureau of Development Services (BDS) 

Changing uses or structures on private property may require permits.  

Vending truck, cart, and drive-up business requirements on property 

Portable and temporary signs 

Multnomah County Food service inspection and licensing, including food carts 
Fire Marshal Permits and inspections relating to use of gas or heating 
Office of Community and Civic Life,  Oregon Liquor Control Commission 

Liquor Licensing Program, which often must be expanded for outdoor service 

Noise Control Program, relevant to outdoor activities that may generate noise 

Cannabis Program. If cannabis or any cannabis product is present at an event, please comply with the requirements of the Portland's Cannabis Policy Program 

Portland Parks & Recreation 

Park Rentals and Permits  

Non-Park Use Permits 

Contact us with any questions

Questions before applying or about your permit? Other ideas for businesses using the public right-of-way? Contact the PBOT Business Toolkit team at 503-823-4026 or   

Translations of updated instructions and downloadable applications are coming soon

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