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Video Library: Safety Lessons for Youth & Families

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) Safe Routes to School program invites you to learn about traffic safety through the video series PDX Keeps Rolling. Find our latest stories and safety tips here.

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PDX Keeps Rolling: Staying active & safe during COVID-19

During the 2020-21 school year, Safe Routes to School will be sharing fun safety lessons and insightful stories about families staying active through a video series called PDX Keeps Rolling - a nod to the strength and persistence of Portlanders. We hope you enjoy and put these skills into practice on the road!

Biking videos

Traffic playground biking tips / Cómo practicar andar en bicicleta a la plaza de educación vial

Safety lessons/lección de seguridad: Biking safely/andar en bicicleta de forma segura, signaling/como señalizar
Time/período: 2 minutes/2 minutos

Skating and rollerblading videos

Rollerblading with Jaidyn

Safety lessons: staying safe at intersections, yielding for others
Time: 2 minutes