SmartTrips to Kindergarten

Children with umbrellas being lead through a crosswalk by an adult near a school.
Kindergarten is a big life step for your child and getting to school is an important part of this journey. We recommend thinking about your trip to school now!

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Preparation is key!

  1. Visualize your ideal morning.
  2. Practice new habits. Some mornings may be more difficult than others. Practice helps everyone learn the new routine.
  3. Decide how you’ll get to school. Driving may not always be the easiest. Parking and traffic can add a lot of time. Not sure if your child will enjoy walking or rolling to school? Try it out over the summer. It takes the average child about 20 min to walk a mile.
  4. Connect with neighbors. Find a walking or biking group or carpool over the summer. Or make your own! Sharing responsibility often lessens the stress of commuting.  
  5. Teach your child simple traffic rules. Now is a great time. Start with our favorites: look left-right-left, wait for vehicles to stop, make eye contact and wave, and never linger in the street. 

Why walk and roll to school?

  • Physical exercise
  • Support learning
  • Reduce traffic
  • Reduce air pollution
  • Explore your neighborhood
  • Spend quality time together
  • Make memories
  • Help create more livable neighborhoods

Multilingual resources

Pedestrian safety tips

Bilingual in English and Spanish

Bike and walk maps of Portland

Bilingual in English and Spanish

North map

Southeast map

Northwest/downtown map

Northeast map

Southwest/south map

Scavenger hunt

Bilingual in English and Spanish; Vietnamese, Chinese, Russian, and Arabic

Bingo card

English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Russian, and Arabic

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