COVID-19 Risk Level for Multnomah County: High Risk

Recess! Theme: Refresh

Reduce stress, relax, and give your mind a break. These activities help lower blood pressure, heart rate, and sharpen your focus for the next round of classes.

Refresh activities

  • Write down three things you are grateful for; post where you can see it
  • Set aside all technology for 20 minutes; read, write, draw, or go outside
  • Visualize tracing the outline of a star with the inhale and exhale of your breathing for 3-5 minutes. (see image)
    A star graphic with breathe in, breath out written on each side of the star points to show how to trace the shape of a star.
  • Go on a short walk or just sit quietly. What do you see, smell, and hear? What's there that you may not always notice?
  • Write positive affirmations for your week.
    Tip: Start with “I am,” then add a positive statement about yourself. Repeat them daily to train your brain! Ex: I am a good friend, or I am doing my best at online school.

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