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Recess! Theme: Energy Boost

Aim for 60 minutes of movement each day! PE, playing sports, dancing, biking, or going for a walk are all good ways to keep your heart and lungs healthy, circulate blood flow, and get a good night's sleep.

Energy Boost Activities

  • ​Pick out 5 of your favorite high energy songs and dance!
  • Go on a walk, bike or skate, jump rope, play outside or inside. What do you enjoy that gets your heart beating?
  • Master the Greenway Shuffle dance steps by Hip Hop Soulstation Academy out of East Portland (1:29, with instruction included)
    Try the Greenway Shuffle
  • Here are some ideas for a quick energy boost activity. See how many times you can repeat these exercises!
A yellow background with four activities shown by blue stick figures. The first is jumping jacks, then star jumps, high knees, and the bear crawl. Each exercise is described below.

20 Jumping Jacks

  • Keep your core tight, jump so your feet land a little farther than hip-width
  • To remove the jump, modify by tapping each leg out to the side while still doing the arm movements

10 Star Jumps

  • Start from a crouch position and jump into the air with arms and legs extended into a star shape
  • For an added bonus, yell "I'm a star!" when you are in the air 

High Knees - 10 each leg

  • Stand in place and "run" - pump your arms and try to lift your knees to hip height. 
  • Run on the balls of your feet

Bear crawl

  • Crawl like a bear moving forwards and backwards
  • Keep your back flat and stomach muscles engaged

SworkIt Workouts

Short exercise sessions you can do at home using a computer or smartphone. 

Once you choose a workout from our website, you'll be sent to Sworkit. There, you can select how much time your session will be, choose music, and then click Begin Workout. You can hit pause for a break and also rewind to review.
To Sworkit: Select a workout from below, then 1) Select how much time you have/want to do 2) Pick music, OR just click Begin Workout

Cardio Fun (Ages 11-15)

A fun standing cardio* workout to increase endurance

Start the exercise

Quick Agility Training (Ages 11-15)

This workout is designed to get your heart rate up while building endurance and fast-twitch muscles**

Start the exercise

*Cardio = Activities that cause your heart to beat faster and harder for a period of time, short for cardiovascular exercise
**Fast-twitch muscles = Muscles that help with sudden bursts of energy, like sprinting or jumping (slow-twitch muscles help with endurance activities like running or bicycling)  

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