Order Idle-Free School Toolkit

Safe Routes to School works to reduce traffic congestion and harmful idling fumes around schools. The Idle-Free School Toolkit is available to help spread the word that idling is especially hazardous for children and should be reduced around school drop-off and pick-up areas.

The order form, pre-survey, and post-survey will take a total of 15 minutes to complete. After submitting order form, signs are delivered within two weeks. Six months after your sign and material delivery, Safe Routes to School will follow up.

Learn about the toolkit requirements and seek written approval from the principal

What's in the toolkit? 

In order to make the greatest impact, we require educational materials to be distributed along with the posted metal signs. The metal signs can only be installed on school property. No city-owned poles or sign posts may be used. The metal signs need to be installed by the school with parts provided by the school.

Up to three metal signs to mount on school property. 

Educational materials, including newsletter content, social media graphics, posters and flyers.

Fill out Order Form, including Pre-Survey

Fill out the order form and select your educational materials. The signs will be delivered within two weeks.

The pre-survey helps us understand what people know about idling and how many cars are idling at the school before the toolkit is implemented. We ask that you write in a description and use the tally sheet to complete the pre-survey.

Install Signs and Distribute Educational Materials

Choose educational materials from the list below:

Idle-Free Schools Flyer (25 free copies provided with your signs)

Newsletter Template


Are fewer parents idling? Does the school community know more about the effects of idling? Let us know through the post-survey. Just like the pre-survey, we ask that you write in a description and use the tally sheet to complete the post-survey to capture what happened after the toolkit was implemented. We will send you a post-survey via email 6 months after your toolkit is delivered.