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Back to School Resources for Parents & Caregivers

Colorful letters say Welcome Back to School! Multi-colored icons of people walking, rolling, and biking make their way towards a graphic school buildling.
Good-bye summer, hello school! On this page, Safe Routes to School offers resources for families to plan their trip to school and get there safely.
On this page

Tips for feeling prepared 

Start planning your school trip now and get the resources you need to slide into your new year! This page includes tips for getting ready no matter how you'll be traveling.

  • Try your route before the first day

    • We recommend trying your route before school starts, especially if you're attending a new campus. If you have time, try different routes and compare what feels best and most comfortable.  

  • Leave early the first week of school

    • Give yourself plenty of time to work out the kinks when returning to your school routine. Leaving early allows for some breathing room if the morning doesn't go as planned.
  • Make a checklist

    • Create a short checklist of things your student needs each morning for school (backpack, lunch, sports equipment, etc.). Post it by the door or somewhere visible so everyone can see. 

Walking and biking resources 

Bike and walk maps


Portland Walking Guide

Starting a Walking School Bus

Pedestrian Safety Tips


Portland Family Biking Guide

Bike theft and how to prevent it

Starting a Bike Train

School bus routes & safety 

Bus routes by school district

Safety tips for young school bus riders

Riding TriMet or Streetcar

Tools for planning your transit route

What to know for your first transit trip

TriMet Youth Fare

  • Reduced fares are available for youth ages 7-17 and students in high school (grades 9-12) or those pursuing a GED.
  • High school students may be eligible for a free transit pass during the school year if their district participates in TriMet's High School Pass Program. Your school's office will have more information.  
  • How to buy and use Youth Fare


Park and walk to school


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