2021 Back to School Resources

Graphic with colorful letters reads "Back to School Fall 2021"
Welcome back to school! On this page, Safe Routes to School offers resources for families and schools to plan their trip to school and get there safely.

Getting to school

Preparing for back to school looks different this year after many months of distant and hybrid learning. Start planning your school commute now and get the resources you need to make it a great first day back! Safe Routes to School recommends trying your route before school starts and even trying it in different ways. Walking, biking, taking transit and carpooling all help reduce traffic and greenhouse gas emissions around schools. 

"Try Your Route" Resources

Colorful text reads "Try your route before school starts"

Safe Routes to School suggests that you and your family try your route before school starts! For more tips and resources, follow Safe Routes on social media! 

Facebook: @PBOTSafeRoutes
Instagram: @saferoutespdx

Walking and biking to school

Bike and walk maps

Portland Walking Guide

Portland Family Biking Guide

Bike theft and how to prevent it

Riding transit to school

Tools for planning your transit route

What to know for your first transit trip