Towing and private property impounds

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The Towing & Private Property Impound team at the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) promotes public safety and convenience by ensuring that municipal and private property contract towers are providing vehicle towing and storage services in a timely, courteous, safe, and professional manner.
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Private property tows

Tow requested by a property owner or business owner in the city of Portland, known as private property impounds (PPI). Property or business owner must have contract with tower who has a PPI permit in the city of Portland. PPI Permit Holders

Rights when Towed from Private Property

If your vehicle has been towed from a private parking facility, you are entitled to the following:

  1. Assistance in obtaining transportation to pick up your vehicle, such as a telephone call to a taxi service or information about bus service.
  2. To receive information about the applicable rates when calling for release information.
  3. To wait no more than 30 minutes at the storage yard, after the agreed appointment time, for an attendant to arrive to release your vehicle outside of regular business hours which are 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday – Friday, excluding official City holidays.
  4. To receive a rate sheet detailing all applicable fees and a clear, itemized receipt for all charges.
  5. To pay for the tow by cash or a valid credit or debit card and issued in the name of the vehicle owner or owner’s agent.
  6. To receive correct change for your cash payment, not later than the end of the following business day. 
  7. Assistance in retrieving ownership documents from the towed vehicle.
  8. Release of your vehicle at no cost, if the hookup is not complete, the driver in the truck and the truck rolling forward when you return to your vehicle.
  9. Release of an animal left in the vehicle, or contents of an emergency nature, as specified in ORS 98.858, with proof of ownership or authorization by the registered owner.  An after hours or gate fee may be applied for such requests outside of regular business hours.
  10. Information about how and where to file a complaint with the City of Portland.

PPI Permit Holders

Printable version of permit holders list: tower, phone, and their primary storage location.

PPI Permit Holders

PPI Tow Lists

Private Property Impounds (PPI) are tows from private property requested by Portland property owners and business owners. PPI Reports listed below show the date of PPI tows conducted within the Portland city limits. Information in the report includes: the PPI call date, tower, towed from, and requested by.

Municipal Tows

Tow requested by Portland Police, Portland Parking Enforcement and Abandoned Autos Division.

Tow Appeal Hearing Request

You may request a hearing to contest the validity of these types of tows. To request a hearing, you must submit a Tow Hearing Request Form. You may fill out this form online or you may request a hard copy of the form be mailed to you using the contact information below.

Owners have the ability to file their tow appeal hearing online 24/7 using the case management system that is accessible from the Hearings Office Website.

The hearing request must be received by the Tow Hearings Officer no later than 10 days after the vehicle was towed.

Ask questions and get assistance using the following contact information:

Tow Hearings Office

1900 SW 4th Ave, Room 3100
Portland, OR 97201
Phone 503-823-7307
Fax 503-823-4347

City of Portland Tow Contractors (Revised October 1, 2023)

Municipal Tow Contract, for tows requested by Portland Police, Parking Enforcement, Port of Portland, Oregon Dept of Transportation - Incident Response, Multnomah County Sheriff, Tri-Met or Fairview Police.

DistrictTow CompanyDispatch Phone Number
TBD21st Century Towing503-283-7788
TBDE & E Towing503-328-4482
TBDElite Towing503-724-5305
TBDGerlock Towing503-235-0542
TBDNewhouse & Hutchins Towing & Recovery503-236-4135
TBDNorthwestern Towing503-253-3030
TBDPortland Heavy Towing971-666-2497
TBDSergeants Towing, Inc.503-281-1948
TBDSpeed's Towing, LLC503-238-6211

Pass Report

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Towing Rates

Private property impound rates


Municipal Tows: Car towed in error: You may request a hearing using the instructions above under "Municipal Tows".

Municipal Tows and PPI: if you believe that the tower has acted improperly (overcharge, rudeness,  etc.) please submit your complaint to our office through the online towing complaint form. Please complete the complaint form completely and specifically. Details requested help with investigating your complaint. Please note: This office only has authority to investigate certain tows that occur within the City of Portland.

Vehicle Damage

Municipal Tows & Private Property Impounds:

Damage claims should be addressed with the tower directly. You may also consider a claim with your insurance carrier, the State of Oregon, or in civil court:

State of Oregon Consumer Protection Division 
Phone: 1-877-877-9392 

Multnomah County Circuit Court