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Private For-Hire Transportation & Regulations

Learn about the private for-hire transportation program.

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Customer Service Center

The customer service center remains closed until further notice. However, all permitting processes can now be completed in the ONLINE PORTAL. We are returning phone calls and emails Monday through Friday. If you need a driver permit photo or have other questions, please email regulatory@portlandoregon.gov. Please view detailed information HERE. Thank you for your patience.

Vehicle Safety Inspections and Driver Background Checks

To ensure that private for-hire vehicles and drivers meet the requirements in Portland City Code 16.40 , PBOT inspectors conduct thousands of safety inspections. Inspectors also confirm the driver's identity and that their vehicle registration and insurance are up to date. PBOT also conducts and/or reviews the background and motor vehicle records of all drivers who apply for a permit to drive.

Private for-Hire Inspections Results

Complaints filed with the Private for-Hire program

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PBOT created this new program in 2019 using funds from the Accessibility Fund with one goal in mind: make it easier for passengers who use a wheelchair or other mobility device to get an on-demand taxi, Uber, or Lyft in the City of Portland. People with disabilities, on average, wait much longer than other passengers and sometimes rides that are ordered don’t show up at all. Customers can now call PDX WAV at 503 865-4WAV (865-4928) and a dispatcher will locate an available Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV). PBOT provides a subsidy to companies providing accessible on-demand service, which is meant to be an incentive to companies and drivers to operate accessible vehicles, which are more expensive to purchase and maintain. To learn more about PDX WAV, please visit the website HERE or call 503-865-4WAV (865-4928).

Driver Education and Training

PBOT is expanding the education and training it offers to drivers. The new programs will have more training on safe driving habits, private for-hire regulations and requirements, customer service, and how to help identify and report human trafficking. 

Taxi Incubator

The taxi business is an attractive option for entrepreneurs from Portland’s immigrant and refugee communities. To help such business people get into the industry and also help existing businesses operate more effectively, PBOT launched a taxi business incubator. This incubator offers free consulting services to new and existing companies to help them implement best business and financial practices. The program also assists them in obtaining a Disadvantaged, Minority-Owned, Women-Owned, Emerging Small Businesses (D/M/W/ESB) certification and provides advice about how to comply with city code and other rules.

Transportation Wallet

The transportation wallet is an innovative PBOT program that provides free or reduced-fee transit passes, bike-share memberships, and taxi, Uber, Lyft and carshare credits to Portlanders who give up their parking passes. PBOT plans to expand this program to residents who live in affordable housing complexes. The surcharge will go toward offsetting the prices of taxi, Uber and Lyft credits. For more information about the Transportation Wallet visit the website.

Safe Ride Home

Driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs is one of the most significant contributors to deadly traffic crashes. The number of deadly crashes often increase on holidays like New Year’s Eve and St. Patrick’s Day when many people party. To help people celebrate responsibly, PBOT offers the Safe Ride Home program. Safe Ride Home provides discounts on taxi, Uber and Lyft rides, so revelers can leave the driving to a safe and sober driver. For more information about Safe Ride Home visit the website. For more information about PBOT’s overall approach to traffic safety, visit our Vision Zero website. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this program is on hold until further notice.


PBOT Private For-Hire Transportation

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Messages and emails are returned Monday-Friday. Customer Service office is closed until further notice.

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