Order a ride through PDX WAV

Request an on-demand ride in a wheelchair van through the PDX WAV service.

Call to request an Accessible Taxi

A friendly dispatcher will locate an accessible taxi for you.  Accessible taxis will do their best to reach you within 30 minutes.  Fares vary by company and are required to be equivalent to non-accessible taxi services.   Did you know you can request your favorite company or driver?   If you have a request, simply tell the dispatcher when you call.   Or, ask for the closest accessible taxi. 

Request an Accessible TNC

To order an accessible TNC (Uber and Lyft), you can use the corresponding app on your wireless device.  On the Uber app, slide through the vehicle options until you see "WAV".  On the Lyft app, add "wheelchair access" in settings, then click "get a ride" and slide through the vehicle options to select "Access".  Fares vary, but are required to be equivalent to non-accessible services.   Surge pricing is banned in the City of Portland for all accessible TNC vehicles.   Accessible vehicles do their best to arrive within 30 minutes.



Wheelchair accessible rides
phone number503-865-492824-hours a day, 7-days a week

Mailing address