Emergency Administrative Rule for Private-For-Hire Transportation - Vehicle Age Exemption

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120 day temporary exemption from age restrictions for vehicles that meet the requirements.

Emergency Vehicle Age Exemption TRN-14-37 FAQ 

Question:  What is the temporary vehicle age exemption? 
Answer:  The temporary exemption Rule allows recently permitted vehicles to remain eligible for a permit for one additional year, even if the car has reached its ten year maximum age limit. 

Question: Why is the Private For-Hire Program offering this temporary exemption? 
Answer: During the COVID-19 Pandemic, new and late-model used vehicles became expensive and hard to find. This temporary Rule provides some relief by allowing additional time for companies and drivers to replace aging vehicles. 

Question:  How long will I be allowed to apply for the vehicle age exemption permit? 
Answer:  The vehicles outlined in the Rule are eligible for permit renewal anytime until March 17, 2022.  After that date, vehicles ten years or older will no longer be eligible for a permit. 

Question:  If my vehicle’s renewal application is approved, will my permit expire at the end of 120 days on March 17, 2022? 
Answer:  No, if your vehicle permit application is approved, the permit will remain valid for at least one full year. 

Question: What do I need to do to apply for the temporary vehicle age exemption? 

  1.  Log into the Online Portal 

  1. Submit a “New Vehicle Application” 

  1. Complete the application, and check Apply for a VAE 

  1. When submitting choose the option to 'Submit and pay later’ 

  1. Regulatory will apply the correct renewal fee for your vehicle’s application 

After the application fee is paid, Regulatory will process the vehicle application as normal, and add one year for the Vehicle Age Exemption. View TRN-14-37 here.