TNC Driver's Advisory Committee Member Application


Community Advisory Committee Seeks New At-Large Member

Transportation Network Company (TNC) Driver’s Advisory Committee and the The Private for Hire Transportation Advisory Committee are each seeking one at-large member to represent people with disabilities.  The at-large public representatives for people with disabilities will share their perspective about using for-hire transportation services in Portland.

The term for each position will be 2 to 3 years.  Terms may be extended up to a total of 8 years.  Members interested in continuing to serve beyond 8 years must sit out for two years before reapplying to serve on the same advisory body.

TNC Drivers Advisory Committee Application 

What's the purpose of the TNC Driver’s Advisory Committee? The committee focuses on issues impacting transportation network company (TNC) drivers and serve as a forum where drivers can express issues, concerns, and suggestions about this evolving industry.

This committee has the support of a professional facilitator that assists the committee, as needed, to make policy recommendations and an independent ombudsman to help resolve driver complaints. The Committee may focus on a range of issues including, but not limited to, transparent collection and use of data, accessibility, wages, public safety, driver injury, issues related to insurance, safety, and reliability for passengers, equalizing standards across the for-hire sector, and dispute resolution. Visit the TNC Driver’s Advisory Committee website here

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