Rules of the Road for E-Scooters in Portland

Rules of road screenshot
Before you ride an E-Scooter, learn about the rules applicable to scooters and how to safely navigate our streets.

For a quick reference you can print, download a flyer:

Use our Portland by Scooter map to learn about navigating safely while on a scooter.

Oregon Vehicle Code states:

  • No sidewalk riding: Using an electric scooter on the sidewalk and in crosswalks is prohibited. People using electric scooters are allowed on Portland city streets, multi-use paths and in bike lanes.
  • Helmets are required: People using electric scooters are required to wear a bicycle helmet.
  • Minimum age: Youth under age 16 are prohibited from riding electric scooters.
  • Yield to pedestrians: People using anelectric scooter are required to yield to pedestrians.

For more information, see the Oregon Vehicle Codes applicable to electric scooters (defined as "Motor Assisted Scooters").

City Code states:

  • No riding in Portland Parks: Motorized wheeled devices are prohibited in Parks, except on Park roads, or in designated vehicle parking areas, or by permit. Multi-use Paths in Portland Parks include: Waterfront River Trail, Eastbank Esplanade, Springwater Corridor.

For more information, see 20.12.170 - Use of Certain Devices or Equipment.

Administrative Rule TRN 15.01 - New Mobility - Shared Electric Scooter establishes additional rules and parking regulations for the regulation of the 2019-2023 E-Scooter Pilot. The rules are available by clicking here.