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SW Capitol Highway Huber to Kerr Parkway Complete Streets Project

Under construction

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) is making improvements to pedestrian crossings and access to transit in order to reduce crashes, reduce speeds, and enhance existing bike facilities on a High Crash Corridor.

Construction 2020 and 2021
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What's Happening Now

Striping on SW Capitol Highway is complete. New pedestrian crossings with median islands at SW Coronado and SW Dickinson are in progress but delayed - additional civil design of ADA curb ramps is underway and construction will take place as soon as possible. 

Project Background

SW Capitol Highway has been identified as a High Crash Corridor on PBOT’s Vision Zero Network. Vision Zero is a top City of Portland transportation priority that aims to eliminate deadly and serious injuries from Portland’s streets. This vision includes improving safety so people feel comfortable walking, biking, and taking transit along all Portland streets.

Before the lane reconfiguration, between 13%-27% of people were driving 45 MPH or more here. That's 10 MPH over the speed limit. After the lane reconfiguration, between .4%-3.8% of people are driving 45 MPH or more.

Cross section of SW Capitol Highway between SW Alfred Street and SW Stephenson Street.
Cross section of SW Capitol Highway between SW Alfred Street and SW Stephenson Street.

Project Funding

$275,000 from PBOT Active Transportation and Safety Division and Marijuana Tax

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