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SE Hawthorne Pave and Paint

Map of Project Limits

SE Hawthorne Pave and Paint is coordinating with other projects on SE Hawthorne Blvd, including Central City in Motion's Project 12 (SE Hawthorne / Madison Multimodal Improvements) and the Sunnyside South Sewer and Green Street Project.

What’s happening now?

A report that summarizes the evaluation of three different alternatives being considered for the Hawthorne Pave and Paint project is now available. The evaluation, developed based on community feedback, considers the benefits and impacts of each alternative related to the project’s goals of improving safety, supporting Hawthorne’s Main Street function and helping people get to destinations there, and connecting people to other parts of the city. 

You can view the report here:

Thanks to everyone that took the online survey about the evaluation report. We are reviewing the feedback and will share the results and a final recommendation in the near future.

If you have additional questions or issues, please contact HawthorneRepave@portlandoregon.gov.

Previous Reports:

The Mid-Project Report provides a summary of background information, existing conditions, and results from community input. It also describes the alternatives we evaluated:

Review the Safety Summary:

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Project Background & Description:

SE Hawthorne Boulevard is due for maintenance paving. PBOT is scheduled to repave the street from 24th Ave to 50th Ave during summer of 2021. PBOT is looking at ways to leverage this opportunity to improve safety and make other changes to better serve people and businesses on SE Hawthorne Boulevard. PBOT’sVison Zero team has identified SE Hawthorne Boulevard as one of 30 high crash corridors within the city.

  • What is the scope of this project?

    PBOT will repave and restripe SE Hawthorne Boulevard from SE 24th Ave to 50th Ave. The project will also reconstruct curb ramps that don’t meet Americans with Disability Act standards. As part of this project, PBOT will evaluate different striping options, including street crossings and lane markings. We will also identify further changes that PBOT may be able to make in a potential separate future project; these may include changes between SE 12th and 24th avenues.
  • What is the project timeline?

    Our overall project timeline is as follows:
This image shows an overview of the project's expected timeline.
  • Hawthorne is included as a Rose Lane Project proposed candidate pilot. 
    The SE Hawthorne Pave and Paint project will evaluate potential transit priority treatments in coordination with the Rose Lane Project. Rose Lane pilot transit priority treatments may be included as part of the SE Hawthorne Pave and Paint or with a separate project. 

Other Materials & Information

Project Report, Part 1 provides summary of background information, existing conditions, and results from our community workshops. It also describes the alternatives we are currently evaluating:

View the informational boards that were displayed at the March 2020 open houses:

Check out suggestions that PBOT has heard from the community during our Jan/Feb/Mar 2020 outreach events:

Scroll through the presentation about Hawthorne's Pave and Paint project from the March 2020 open houses