River District Right-of-Way Standards 2020 Update

PBOT updated the River District Right-of-Way Standards to support development of streets and pedestrian connections as a part of the USPS Masterplan proposal and to incorporate City Council adopted street designs from Central City in Motion and the Enhanced Transit Corridors Plan.


On April 22, 2020, City Council adopted updates to the River District Right of Way Standards (Ordinance No. 189932).

2020 River District Right of Way Standards

The River District Right-of-Way Standards establishes a common understanding of the improvements required in the River District’s public rights-of-way. Both private and public street improvements are subject to this document and approval by the City Engineer.

Summary of Changes

Proposed changes to the River District Right-of-Way Standards include:

Planning Framework

  • Classification of Johnson St as a special street with level-surface plaza-like design between Park & 8th Ave
  • Classification of Park Ave as a special street with level-surface plaza-like design.
  • Classification of the Green Loop path traveling from the Broadway Bridge predominantly along NW Park Ave.

Performance Criteria

  • New guidance to support the future design of NW Johnson St and NW Park Ave as special function plaza-like streets.
  • Expanded guidance on bicycle facilities to include Protected Bike Lanes; Neighborhood Greenways; Bicycle Parking Corrals
  • Expanded guidance on transit facilities to include Transit Only Lanes; Business Access and Transit lanes and Transit Stops with Bikeways.
  • New guidance on the Green Loop path.

Design Standards

  • Schematic design standards for level-surface plaza-like street design on Johnson St and Park Ave.

Public Engagement

PBOT Staff shared information and sought feedback from community organizations related to the update of the River District Right-of-Way Standards.


  • Briefing and Discussion with the Peal District Neighborhood Association Land Use and Transportation Committee (11/19/2019)
  • Briefing and Discussion with the Old Town Community Association Planning and Transportation Committee (11/21/2019)
  • Notification to the Pearl District Business Association (12/11/2019)
  • January 13th, 2020 - Briefing to the Design Commission
  • April 22nd, 2020 - Ordinance for adoption by Portland City Council