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Pre-Approved TDM Plan Information


An applicant has two options to fulfill the Transportation Demand Management (TDM) requirement under 33.266.410; a Custom TDM Plan (land use review) or a Pre-Approved TDM Plan (an administrative process).

The general components of the the Pre-Approved TDM Plan include the following:

  • Multimodal financial incentives: A one-time Multimodal Incentive Fee, equivalent in value to an annual TriMet pass per dwelling unit (see Transportation Fee Schedule for current rates). The money is held in a City account during construction, and then used for multimodal incentives for building tenants at occupancy. Multimodal incentives could include: Bike share membership or ride credits, TriMet passes (or value on a TriMet Hop pass), Streetcar passes, Car share incentives, or Carpool incentives.  ***Please note that City Council exempted affordable housing as designated in Council Ordinance #188956 until June 30, 2020.***
  • Transportation options information: provided by PBOT and distributed to tenants for the first four years of building occupancy. 
  • Annual transportation survey: administered by PBOT, with property management assistance, of building tenants for first four years of building occupancy. 

The following is information regarding the general process for the Pre-Approved TDM Plan: 

TDM Pre-Approval Plan Steps

 Pre-Approved TDM Plan Forms: