Portland Pathways


What is Portland Pathways?

Portland Pathways (formerly called CINP/Urban Trails) is a Portland Bureau of Transportation program. It allows community groups to propose, permit, build, and maintain trails with support from PBOT. Portland Pathways launched in 2014 to help communities make their neighborhoods better places to walk. Through the program residents can propose, permit, and build trails in undeveloped public ROW that make it easier to get around their neighborhood.

PBOT values the transformation of undeveloped, public right-of-way into urban trails. These trails are important because they offer pedestrian connections that are:

  • Community-supported
  • Currently unmet
  • Low cost
  • Quickly implementable

This program allows for PBOT to work with community to improve the walking environment of their neighborhoods. The Portland Pathways program helps support both the trail and sidewalk network by allowing neighborhoods to identify and work with the City to develop public right-of-way(s) (ROW) in their community that could be used as a supplemental method to improve walking in their community.

Portland Pathway trails contribute to the 152 miles of completed regional trails that weave together through communities, commercial districts, residential areas, and into natural areas of beauty. Trails are an important part of the City’s Comprehensive Plan, Pedestrian Master Plan, and the Regional Active Transportation Plan.

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