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Host a Free Community Event

A number of people are dancing in the Arletta Triangle Square Plaza. There is colorful paint on the street and people are gathered in the background watching them.
Got a creative idea for a community event in a PBOT plaza? Our free, easy small activation permit process helps you bring it to life! Whether it's a game night, pop-up market, fitness class, or any small event, we're here to support you in bringing life to our streets.

Where Can You Host an Activation?

PBOT manages multiple plazas around Portland. Review this list of our current plazas and select a site to include in your application. As always email us with any additional questions.

A map of Portland featuring the 17 street plazas across the city

Plaza Directory

How to Apply

Download the application below and return it to Please allow 5 business days for our team to review and respond to your application.

Note:  to ensure your event is featured in our newsletter, please email us at least one week before the first of each month.

Know the Rules

  • Small Plaza Activation events must be free and open to all members of public. Excluding people from the plaza is prohibited unless an individual is violating the plaza rules as posted. Ticket events require a permit please see below.
  • Small Plaza Activation events designed for less than 100 attendees at any given time.
  • PBOT must be notified if amplified music will take place in the plaza.
  • Event organizers will demonstrate respectful behavior towards neighbors and ensure nearby residents are not disturbed.
  • Organizers shall obtain from the City Noise Officer any requirements or permits regarding noise levels above levels provided in city code or that will be past 10:00pm. More info available here.
  • Permittee shall be responsible for all garbage removal related to events. May require event hosts provide additional garbage receptacles.
  • Events will not obstruct pedestrian and bicycle thoroughfare or access to the plaza.
  • Events will not obstruct the designated 11’ emergency access lane. People are allowed in this area, but no tables, tents, or other objects may be placed in the emergency access lane.
  • If food is offered, organizers must follow all Multnomah County Health Department rules and permitting guidelines for Temporary Food Events.
  • If alcohol is present, vendors must follow rules permitting guidelines set out by OLCC for Special Events.
  • Street Plaza areas are car-free spaces.  All vehicles must park in designated parking areas only and must pay all applicable fees. If vehicle access is required to deliver heavy equipment, the vehicle must immediately leave the plaza after the drop off or pick up of that equipment. You must place all the traffic control signs and objects back in place as they were found. These traffic signs and objects must be in place before, during, and after your activation.

Looking to Host Something Different?

The Small Plaza Activation process is geared toward events that follow the guidelines listed above. If this doesn’t sound like your event there are other options!

Apply for a Community Event Permit through PBOT’s Portland in the Street team if the event:

  • Has an expected attendance of more than 100 people at any given time.
  • The activation will require an entry fee.
  • The activation is not accessible for all ages.
  • A determination is made by the PBOT Public Realm and Street Activation team that a Community Event Permit is required.

You can read about permit process here.


Greg Raisman

Public Realm and Street Activation, PBOT

PBOT's Public Street Plaza team