Public Street Plaza Program Development

Kirk Rea from Symbiop Garden Shop crouches, surrounded by buckets of paint as he prepares to apply paint to the Montgomery Street Plaza.
The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) is developing a permanent program for the emerging public street plaza program. Street plazas give right-of-way space back to pedestrians. They also provide space for more outdoor seating, events, and programming open to the public.

Building on the Healthy Businesses Permitting Program, Street Plazas emerged as a program to provided critical, urgently needed outdoor space for business use and community gatherings. To build on this popular program, PBOT is developing a Street Plaza Program to support the ongoing establishment, management and stewardship of street plaza spaces.

Public Engagement

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Committee Meetings

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Sounding Board

PBOT will host periodic sounding board meetings related to this project, with invitation and participation to community organizations, existing street plaza stakeholders, and culturally specific stakeholders to advise on project topics and recommendations. 


Sarah Figliozzi

PBOT Active Transportation & Safety Division

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