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A map of Portland featuring the 17 street plazas across the city
The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) developed the Portland Public Street Plazas as community-oriented public spaces where business and community activities are clustered. This directory will help you find information and the locations of plazas around Portland.
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Plaza Map

This map features our public plazas around the city.  Keep scrolling to find out more about each of our plazas below!

A map of Portland featuring the 17 street plazas across the city

Ankeny Alley

Ankeny Alley is shown with people walking in both directions on a sunny day. Below them the street is painted with roses.
Freshly painted roses are seen at Ankeny Alley located at SW Ankeny Street and SW 3rd Ave

Ankeny Alley is located on SW Ankeny Street between Second and Third avenues and is supported by the Ankeny Alley Association. The site features business seating and an integrated BIKETOWN station. Visit the plaza during the nearby Saturday Market, and to enjoy nearby local businesses like Voodoo Doughnut, Dan & Louis Oyster Bar, AFURI ramen + dumpling, Kaizen Sushi, and BAES Fried Chicken.

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Ankeny Rainbow Road

Alt Text: An image is shown of Ankeny Rainbow Road Plaza with 3 visitors and one dog in the foreground. Two bikers ride by in the background.

Ankeny Rainbow Road is located on SE Ankeny Street between 27th and 28th avenues, and is supported by the Ankeny Tap and Table. The site supports businesses and public seating on both sides of the street and serves as a car-free block along the Ankeny Street Neighborhood Greenway.

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Arleta Triangle Square

A group of people dancing during an event at the Arleta Square Plaza.  The plaza features brightly painted rainbow stripes, planters, and geometric seating.

Arleta Triangle Square is located at the corner of SE 72nd Avenue and Woodstock Boulevard and is supported by the Arleta Triangle Project. The site features public seating and a stage and is a shared space for events, gatherings, public forums, celebration, and relaxation. Expect to see this space host local events and activities and enjoy the nearby community destinations of Mt Scott Park, Community Center and Indoor Pool and local businesses like Space Monkey Coffee and Hometown Pizza.

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The Cart Blocks

A person ordering food from a food cart at the Cart Blocks Plaza.
Photo credit: Friends of the Green Loop

The Cart Blocks is located on SW Park Avenue between W Burnside and SW Oak streets and is supported by Friends of the Green Loop. The site features the city’s first food carts in the public right-of-way and public seating in Ankeny West park and is used for community events and activities all summer long. Enjoy all of the food carts and nearby local businesses like Powell’s Books, Courier Coffee, and the shops of the Pearl. 

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Clinton Street Plaza

A biker rides through Clinton Street Plaza.  The iconic Clinton Street Theater is featured on the left.

Clinton Street Plaza is located on SE Clinton Street between 25th and SE 26th avenues and is supported by the Clinton Business Group. The site supports businesses and public seating on both sides of the street and serves as a car-free block along the Clinton Street Neighborhood Greenway. 

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Dream Street Plaza

Image shows a street painting of a whimsical scene of Black musicians playing guitar and dancing.

Dream Street Plaza is located on the 300 Block of NE Sumner Streetjust west of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and is supported by the Soul District Business Association. The site features public seating and is half open to traffic day to day but will be closed periodically for community and microenterprise events. Expect to see the pop-up Dream Street Market and enjoy nearby businesses like Green Haus, Cason’s Fine Meats, Champions Barbershop, Old Town Brewing, and Living Color Beauty Supply. 

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Harold P. Kelley Plaza

Harold P. Kelley Plaza is located on NE Hancock Street between 42nd Avenue and Sandy Boulevard in the Hollywood Neighborhood. The plaza was constructed in 1985 and features public seating, stormwater bioswale landscaping and is a stop along the future Hancock Neighborhood Greenway.

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Kenton Plaza

A picture of Kenton Plaza with a large 31 foot statue of Paul Bunyan.

Kenton Plaza is located at the corner of N Interstate Avenue and N Denver Avenue in the Kenton Neighborhood.  The plaza features the 31 foot high historic Paul Bunyan Statue.  The statue was erected in 1959 to celebrate the state centennial.

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SW Madison Street Plaza [Temporarily Closed]

*Slated for reopening following construction at the Portland Art Museum.  TBA*

The Sun shines at Madison plaza.  Planters are visible in the foreground while public bistro tables, seating, a plaza street painting, and guests are visible in the background.

SW Madison Street Plaza is located on SW Madison Street between Park Avenue along the South Park Blocks and is supported by the Portland Art Museum and The Numberz.FM. The site usually features public seating and will be used for markets and other community events. Expect to see local small businesses at the pop-up markets and enjoy the nearby South Park Blocks, Portland Art Museum, Oregon Historical Society, Shemanski Park Farmers Market, Giffords Flowers, and Shigezo Japanese Restaurant. 

SW Main Street Plaza

Main Street Plaza is pictured lined with brick pavers and flanked by two large decorative light posts.

SW Main Street Plaza is located on SW Main Street between Park Avenue and Broadway and is supported by the Portland'5 Centers for the Arts. The site features public seating and will be used for music performance and other community events all summer long. 

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SW Montgomery Street Plaza

A lively photo of Montgomery Plaza during an events.  Vendors sell goods beneath pop-up tents while visitors shop around.

SW Montgomery Street Plaza is located on SW Montgomery Street between Broadway and Sixth Avenue and is supported by Portland State University. The site features public seating and will be used for community events and PSU activities all year long. Expect to see student led activations and enjoy the nearby pedestrian trails to the Park Blocks and the Portland Farmers Market at PSU and local businesses like Coco Donuts and Best Baguette. 

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Montavilla Plaza

Smiling vendors at the Montavilla Farmer's market selling vegetables at a vendor stall.
The Montavilla Farmer's Market is a popular community event at the plaza. Photo Credit: Rachael Harms Mahlandt

Montavilla Plaza is located at SE 79th Avenue and Stark Street and is supported by the Montavilla East Tabor Business Association. The site features public seating and a small stage and will be used for weekend music performances and pop-up markets. Expect to see shows from local bands and farmers markets and enjoy the Academy Theater and local businesses like Johnny’s Original Montavilla Barber Shop, Flying Pie Pizzeria, Hungry Heart Bakery, Clogs-N-More, Flipside Hats and Lazy Susan. 

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NW 13th Avenue Plaza

People dine at outdoor seating along 13th Avenue Plaza.  In the distance, pop-up vendors sell crafts to plaza visitors.

NW 13th Avenue Plaza is located on NW 13th Avenue between Everett and NW Irving streets and is supported by the Pearl District Neighborhood Association and the Urban Art Network. It features public seating for everyone to enjoy. Expect to see block parties and other community events and enjoy nearby businesses like Two Wrongs Portland, Papi Chulo’s, Cider Bite, River Pig Saloon, and Austin Eddy Art Studio. 

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Pod Plaza 

Kids lie on the AstroTurf while adults enjoy the public seating at Pod Plaza.

Pod Plaza is located on SW 10th Avenue at W Burnside Street (adjacent to Shake Shack and Powell's Books). The site features astro-turf, public seating, and is named for the adjacent public art sculpture.  Come enjoy the urban atmosphere while eating food from the nearby Shake Shack, Sizzle Pie, or Food Carts or reading a book from Powells. 

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Pride Plaza 

A colorful street painting and central green bike lane adorns pride plaza as visitors walk along the street..  Outdoor dining and bistro chairs are featured on the left and right sides along the curbs.

Pride Plaza is located on SW Harvey Milk Street between W Burnside Street and SW 12th Avenue and is supported by McMenamins Zeus Cafe. The site features public seating, street art, and expanded space for businesses. While you're vising the plaza, enjoy the nearby businesses such as John Fluevog Shoes, Vans, Jake's Famous Crawfish, and McMenamins Zeus Cafe. 

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St. Johns Plaza

A large crowd of people gather in the plaza for a musical performance on a beautiful sunny day

St. Johns Plaza is located at the corner of N Lombard Street and Philadelphia Avenue and is supported by the St. Johns Boosters. The site was built in the 1970's and features public seating and open space and will be used for community events and activities all summer long. Expect to see performances from the Chamber Music Northwest Youth Chamber and the St Johns Comedy Fest and enjoy nearby Cathedral Park and local businesses including Tienda Santa Cruz, Thai Cottage, Two Stroke Coffee, The Great North, Homegrown Smoker, 3 Tracks Music, and St. Johns Twin Cinemas. More information about this plaza is available at

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Stoll Plaza

A picture of Stoll Plaza features blue bike racks, trees, and benches.

Stoll Plaza is located on NE 41st Avenue between Sandy Blvd and Broadway.  The permanent developed plaza features benches, lighting, pavers.  Nearby businesses include Doe Donuts, Aroma Massage Spa, Chimcking Korean Fried Chicken, and the historic Hollywood Theater.

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Yamhill District Plaza

the max light rail passes through Yamhill District Plaza during golden hour.  Trees line the plaza.

The Yamhill District Plaza is located on SW Yamhill Street between First and Third Avenues.  The Red and Blue Max Lines run through this transit oriented plaza.

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Please note the businesses, amenities, and parks mentioned as nearby attractions to the Public Street Plazas listed above is not a comprehensive list and the list does not imply City endorsement. If your business is located near one of these plazas and you would like to be mentioned, please contact us at portlandstreetplazas@portlandor…