Street Plaza Sounding Board September 2023 Meeting

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) will be holding a Street Plaza Community Sounding Board meeting on Monday, September 18th at 4:00 pm. The Street Plaza Community Sounding Board supports PBOT’s efforts to formalize a street plaza program at PBOT. Please see below for details.
Portland's Public Street Plazas Banner featuring a cartoon scene of people enjoying a plaza.  People are running, biking, sitting, eating, socializing, dancing, and DJing.
4:00 pm 5:30 pm

 Meeting Agenda

5 min

Welcome and Public Comment

5 min

Public Engagement Updates

15 min

Meeting Objectives + Sounding Board Check in

30 min

Peer City Governance Discussion

30 min

Design Toolkit Refinement

5 min

Next Steps

Questions about this agenda or other questions about the Street Plaza program please contact the team at

Also, visit the Street Plaza website.