PedPDX: Portland's Citywide Pedestrian Plan

Graphic of intersection with words Ped printed horizontally and PDX printed vertically. Graphic is green and blue. Pedestrian's Citywide Pedestrian Plan in blue with graphic of different types of people walking and rolling.
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Dear PedPDX CAC members, TAC members, team members, PAC members, esteemed community partners, and contributing public participants:

On June 5, 2019, City Council received a presentation and heard public testimony about PedPDX. Council did not decide to vote on PedPDX at last week’s hearing and scheduled additional briefings with staff before adopting. On June 12, 2019, PedPDX was unanimously adopted by City Council. After two years of hard work, this plan would not be possible without your collective and significant contributions. In both the near term and many years from now, Portlanders will be experiencing the compounded fruits of this effort. You’ll be able to see them as new sidewalks go in where they’re needed most, as new crossings are installed to serve transit stops, as parking setbacks are designed into projects, and much, much more. As you see these, we hope you’ll smile and know how your participation shaped this into fruition.

Thank you. Thank you for what you’ve given of service to this city, for being the intelligent optimists and critical analysts, for sharing your stories and experiences as Portlanders who selflessly care, knowing that it’s the future generations who will reap the most rewards from this work set into motion at this time in history. We hope that many of you see your leading participation in this work as one of your many lifetime achievements.

With our forever warmth, awe, respect, and gratitude,

Francesca + Michelle

PedPDX Awards

2019 Oregon Walks Weston Award for Walking While Black Engagement in PedPDX: Portland's Citywide Pedestrian Plan

The 2019 Weston Awards - Oregon Walks. Graphic of a boot with wings.

Issued by Oregon Walks · Nov 2019

Weston Award winners are activists, groups, business leaders, or neighborhood superstars who have shown commitment and dedication to making our streets safer and more accessible for everyone.

IAP2 USA General Project Category Core Values Award

Project of the Year Core Values Award

IAP2 International Project of the Year Core Values Award for PedPDX: Portland's Citywide Pedestrian Plan

iap2 logo in navy blue with the red 2 above and to the right of the p. international association for public participation - USA

Issued by International Association for Public Participation · Nov 2019

The IAP2 Core Values Awards recognize and encourage projects and organizations that are at the forefront of public participation. The Awards were created to encourage excellence, quality and innovation in public participation internationally, embedding the IAP2 Core Values in organizations and projects that demonstrate leading practice is a key focus for the awards. In the USA, PedPDX won for the General Project Category then won Project of the Year out of all the winning project categories. Of all the national winners submitted, PedPDX co-won the top award with Australia’s Plan Your Brisbane!

WTS Portland 2019 Innovative Transportation Solution Award for PedPDX: Portland's Citywide Pedestrian Plan

WTS - Advancing women, Advancing transportation

Issued by WTS Portland (Women in Transportation) · Nov 2019

The Innovative Transportation Solution award salutes an innovative transportation solution, initiative, project or policy led by a woman.

Champion for Healthy Environments Award

Words OPHA in a silhouette of Oregon State. Oregon Public Health Association. "Working together to make health happen."

Issued by the Oregon Public Health Association (OHPA) · Oct 2019

Nominated by the Multnomah County Health Department, the award was for a person, team or organization that has made an outstanding contribution to creating healthy environments in their community.

PedPDX Plan, Interactive Maps, Planning Process, and Video Walkthrough

Click here to read the plan

Click Here to explore Interactive Maps - See how PedPDX street classifications, needs, and prioritization apply to Portland streets. Graphic of a map outlined in light green.
Learn about the PedPDX planning process by watching the video below. Graphic of an arrow.
Image of PedPDX Plan cover. Click Here to view a walkthrough video of the PedPDX plan.

PedPDX Documents

PedPDX | Complete Plan

Two-page (front and back) info sheet about PedPDX for printing and sharing.

MS Word version of the two-page (front and back) info sheet about PedPDX. 



View PedPDX Pedestrian Stories

Silhouette of a person with a stroller, a person in a wheelchair, a person walking, a person with a cane, and a person with a dog.

Click on a person below to discover a few Portlanders' stories.

George smiling with their hair pulled back and a beard
Profile of Peggy looking to the left with bangs.
Profile of Matthew smiling and looking to the left with short hair and a beard.
Profile photo of Evelyn looking up and to the left with long hair.
Profile of Larry looking up and to the right with short hair and glasses.
Profile photo of David with short hair and a beard.
Anjeanette posing for a photo of their face wearing red glasses
Shelley looking at camera, motioning with their right hand, in a blue sweater and backpack.
Profile photo of Eric looking to the right with short hair.
Myra smiling at the camera with long hair.

Share your own pedestrian story with us!

Tell us about your walking experiences on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter by tagging us at @PBOTinfo and using #PedPDX

Graduate student teams followed eight different people with different abilities, from different parts of the city as they narrated what walking means to them, the challenges they face walking in Portland, and their hopes for Portland as a great walking city for everyone. PedPDX is excited to share these Pedestrian Stories with the public and encourages public dialogue about people's own pedestrian stories.

Join the conversation on social media! Mention us @PBOTinfo #PedPDX

  • Why do you care about walking?
  • What do you experience walking where/how you walk/as who you are?
  • What are your hopes for Portland as a great walking city for everyone? 

PBOT would like to thank the following people and organizations for making this possible:

University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communications and the Agora Journalism Center

Andrew DeVigal: Chair in Journalism Innovation and Civic Engagement, Multimedia Journalism Master’s Program Co-Director, Professor of Practice

Graduate students of the UO SOJC Stories With Communities class:

“Eric” by Lathen Gorbett & Alex StPierre
“Evelyn” by Jeff Collet & Ben Mitchell
“David” by Mary Anne Funk
“Anjeaneatte” by Gordon Klco & Patty Torchia
“Peggy” by Jay Kosa & Jack Fisher
“Matthew” by Elaine Waller Uchison
“George” by Danny Peterson
“Shelly” by Michelle Porter

Pedestrian Stories volunteers
Eric Koszyk, PedPDX Community Advisory Committee member
Evelyn Ferreira, PedPDX Community Advisory Committee member and PBOT Pedestrian Advisory Committee member
David Bouchard, PedPDX Community Advisory Committee member
Anjeaneatte Brown, Walking While Black focus group participant
Peggy Alter, PedPDX Community Advisory Committee member
Matthew Denney, PedPDX Community Advisory Committee member
George Mayes, volunteer
Shelly Garteiz, PedPDX Community Advisory Committee member

Special Thank You to the City of Portland Commission on Disability (PCOD) for their sponsorship of two additional Pedestrian Stories by Viktoriia Haiboniuk (November, 2018):

Larry Cross, PCOD Commissioner, featured in Traveling with Larry

Myra Sicilia, PCOD Commissioner, featured in Rolling with Myra

THANK YOU to America Walks, for a microgrant in support of this work.

America Walks 20 Years Strong
University of Oregon School "O" School of Journalism and Communication - ETHICS, INNOVATION, ACTION


Thank you! PedPDX Community Advisory Committee members for their service & expertise. Followed by PedPDX logo, which is an intersection with PED written horizontally and PDX written vertically.
Six members of the CAC sitting at a table sharing their stories. One person in the front holds a microphone. Two people sitting behind.

Over 260 applicants for our CAC!

In the twenty days between March 28 and April 16, 2017, staff received over 260 applications citywide from members of the public wishing to serve on the PedPDX Community Advisory Committee (CAC). This excites us greatly -it's amazing to see this much community engagement!

To make committee selection decisions, we used the following objectives and selection criteria:

Demographic diversity: Staff applied a racial equity lens intended to ensure we have broad demographic representation on the committee, in terms of race, gender, and ability.

Geographic diversity: Because one’s walking experience in Portland varies greatly depending on which part of the city one lives, works, or attends school, we sought to create a geographically balanced committee, with even representation from various parts of the city including North Portland, East Portland, Inner NE, Downtown/ South Waterfront, NW, SW, and Inner SE.

Offering engagement opportunities to new participants: Additionally, we prioritized applicants who have not yet had an opportunity to engage with City processes in an advisory manner, with the exception of dedicated liaison roles from applicants representing Oregon Walks, our PBOT Pedestrian Advisory Committee (PAC), and our PBOT Bureau & Budget Advisory Committee (BBAC).

PedPDX Community Advisory Committee Members

  • Peggy Alter
  • Ewnetu Tsegaw
  • Eugenia (Jenya) Andreev
  • Silvia Gomez
  • Gudeta Wak-woya
  • Matthew Steven Cramer
  • Alex Saro Youssefian
  • Shelly Garteiz
  • Matthew Denney
  • Traci Chenette
  • David Loftus
  • Jennifer Chi
  • Jennifer Loferski
  • Stephen Sverre Gunvalson
  • Janet C. Hawkins
  • Beth Omansky
  • Lucy Brehm
  • Eric Koszyk
  • Debra P. Monzon 
  • Kelly Chanopas


  • PBOT's Bureau and Budget Advisory Committee (BBAC): Meesa Long 

  • City of Portland's Pedestrian Advisory Committee (PAC): Evelyn Ferreira

  • Social justice organization -OPAL Environmental Justice/ Bus Riders Unite: David Bouchard

  • Pedestrian advocacy organization - Oregon Walks: Claire Vlach 

CAC Meeting Documents

All of our PedPDX meeting materials are available in formats that function with accessible readers for the visually impaired. To request such versions, please email and let us know what we can have the pleasure to send you.

Meeting 10: February 20, 2019

Meeting 9: November 28, 2018

Meeting 8: September 26, 2018

Meeting 7: May 30, 2018

Meeting 6: April 25, 2018

Final Updated Mission, Vision, Goals, Objectives

Meeting 5: February 28, 2018

Meeting 4: January 23, 2018

Meeting 3: October 29, 2017

Meeting 2: August 30, 2017

Meeting 1: June 28, 2017

Vision Zero 

Portland is committed to ending traffic violence in our communities. Through the Vision Zero program, the City of Portland and our partners are working to eliminate deaths and serious injuries on our streets by 2025.


Gena Gastaldi

PBOT Interim Pedestrian Coordinator