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North Portland in Motion Project Ideas (August 2022)

A median island crossing with signs and high-visibility crosswalk markings
North Portland in Motion identifies dozens of project ideas to improve safe access to community destinations all throughout the peninsula. This summer, we need your input on which projects are top community priorities.
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Project Ideas Online Open House now closed

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) wants to learn which project ideas are most important to you. From late August to October 7, 2022 North Portland in Motion's second online open house was available with a survey to gather feedback. 

The second North Portland in Motion Community Engagement Summary highlights engagement activities and public input received from July – December 2022, including the Project Ideas Online Open House.

Click here to view the Online Open House (survey closed on October 7, 2022)

North Portland in Motion: Project Ideas

North Portland in Motion Project Idea Map
North Portland in Motion - All Project Ideas Map

Click Here to View a High-Quality PDF Version of the Map Above

You can find more about the individual project types by reading through the "North Portland in Motion Project Types" section below.

North Portland in Motion: Project Idea Types

North Portland in Motion recommends four distinct project types, each of which are responsive to the needs and context of the street. Considered together, these projects build a complete and comprehensive network of safer, more welcoming, and more accessible streets.

Corridor Improvements

Investments to reduce speeding and improve the safety and comfort of people traveling along busier streets in the neighborhood.

A median island crossing with signs and high-visibility crosswalk markings

Project element vary by individual project, and include:

  • Designing for safer speeds
  • Improved crossings & sidewalks
  • Safer and more comfortable bike lanes
  • Transit improvements

Click Here to View 15 Corridor Improvement Project Ideas

Neighborhood Greenways

Neighborhood Greenways are calm, low-speed shared neighborhood streets that connect people to community destinations like schools, parks, commercial areas.

People biking along a neighborhood greenway street in Portland

The recommended Neighborhood Greenway network in North Portland in Motion is designed to provide a low-stress, comfortable walking and biking route to every school, park, community center, and business district in the North Portland peninsula.

Click Here to View 12 Neighborhood Greenway Project Ideas

Critical Connections

These high-priority projects bridge major barriers connecting North Portland neighborhoods to each other and the rest of the City of Portland.

A two-way bike way over a bridge

This bundle of projects is focused on crossing over two major barriers: Interstate-5 and the railroad cut separating St Johns from the rest of the peninsula neighborhoods. These projects aim to close small, but critical gaps in the walking and biking network with high quality, safe infrastructure include protected bike lanes and enhanced crossings.

Click Here to View 5 Critical Connections Project Ideas

Public Spaces & Mobility Hubs

Projects and partnerships that help create places of community, connection, information exchange, and activation. 

New Columbia HUB: A group of young people are fixing bikes together

PBOT believes that the public right-of-way can serve an important community function by providing a place for people to connect with each other and access transportation services in their neighborhood.

Sometimes a transportation project is more about enhancing an important community place than it is about moving people and goods. The collection of projects leverages partnerships with existing community stakeholders to enhance the public realm.

This bundle project varies from place to place and includes:

  • Public plazas and street activation
  • Street paintings
  • Small business support
  • Information hubs with access to transportation services

Projects by Sub-Area

There are many project ideas identified throughout the peninsula. To help you find what you're looking for, we've grouped the larger study area into three distinct sub-areas, each with a list of projects relevant at that smaller scale.

Upper Peninsula: St Johns and Cathedral Park

A map of North Portland in Motion Project Ideas in St Johns and Cathedral Park

Click Here to View a Detailed Map of Upper Peninsula Project Ideas

Mid Peninsula: Portsmouth, New Columbia, and University Park

A map of North Portland in Motion Project Ideas in Portsmouth and University Park

Click Here to View a Detailed Map of Mid-Peninsula Project Ideas

Inner Peninsula: Kenton, Arbor Lodge, and Overlook

A map of North Portland in Motion Project Ideas in Kenton, Arbor Lodge, and Overlook

Click Here to View a Detailed Map of Inner-Peninsula Project Ideas