Master Street Plans

Master Street Plans are a combination of area and corridor plans. These plans chart a course for future development and programs based on community needs and preferences, all tied together from inter-agency collaborative efforts and community participation.

 River District Right-of-Way Standards and Master Street Plan Update

The Portland Bureau of Transportation is updated to the River District Master Street Plan and River District Right of Way Standards to reflect proposals for the USPS Masterplan and to incorporate council adopted planning for Central City in Motion and the Enhanced Transit Corridors Plan. These documents set the expectation for new street design and construction and must be amended for conformance between adopted plans and Central City Master Plan proposals. The River District includes parts of The Pearl District Neighborhood Association and Old town Community Association areas.

Green Loop Alignment through the River District

River District Master Street Plan 2020 Update

River District Right-of-Way Standards 2020 Update

South Waterfront District Street Plan, Criteria, and Standards