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Northwest in Motion

The Portland Bureau of Transportation's (PBOT) Northwest in Motion Plan represents over two years of analysis, community outreach, and problem-solving to improve walking, biking, and public transit in the Northwest District and surrounding area.
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A brief overview of the Northwest in Motion plan. Note: This video was filmed before the Covid-19 pandemic, so you will not see people wearing masks or practicing physical distancing. While the public health threat is still active, please wear a mask and practice physical distancing.​​​

Implementation Updates

This rendering shows a one-way street with a bike lane that flows in the opposite direction. There is parking on both sides of the street, which points in the same direction as the flow of traffic.

We're starting to roll out projects theat were highlighted in the Northwest in Motion plan, such as the NW Flanders Neighborhood Greenway, NW Johnson and NW Marshal Greenway Enhancements, and will soon be starting on the NW 24th Neighborhood Greenway.

In select locations, the City is utilizing a new street design in order to accommodate the necessary modes while maintaining access to buildings. When parking cars on these streets, please continue to follow the direction of traffic. If you are parking on the left side of the street, please drive slowly, look for oncoming bicyclists, and proceed to park your car with the driver side door to the curb. Parking on the right side of the street continues as normal.

The Northwest in Motion Plan was adopted by City Council in October 2020! 

This is the culmination of over two years of data-driven analysis, community outreach, and collaborative problem-solving to develop a near-term implementation plan to improve walking, biking, and public transit in the Northwest District and surrounding area. 

Cover of Northwest in Motion Planning Document

 Download the report here:

Highlights of the plan include:
  • 5 near-term Neighborhood Greenway upgrade and expansion projects
  • 5 near-term Corridor Improvement projects focused on pedestrian safety and transit reliability
  • 7 longer-term neighborhood greenway and corridor improvement projects
  • 10 ongoing area-wide programs to address other community-identified needs
  • Recommended updates to street classifications to support the plan
  • An implementation and funding strategy clearly laying out a path forward for these projects and programs

Click here to check out the Project Overview & Process 

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