Building a Better 82nd: June 8, 2023 Update

Join us at our in-person District Workshops and other events this summer!

Civic Corridor Investment Strategy 

In-person District Workshops - Summer 2023 

PBOT, Metro, TriMet and community partners, will be hosting three District Workshops this summer focused on three different segments of 82nd Avenue: North, Center, and South. 

These workshops will dive deeper into the transportation issues and opportunities along 82nd Avenue. Participants will have the opportunity to circulate to a variety of stations and to learn more about ideas to improve the environment for walking, transit, biking, street trees, and safety in general along 82nd Avenue. Please drop in to the workshops to learn more and provide your input on project ideas for the Civic Corridor Investment Strategy.  

All three workshops will be in-person and open to the public. Translation services and refreshments will be provided. Attendees can come and go as they please, so whether you come for ten minutes or stay the whole two hours, we hope to see you there! 

Critical Fixes: Near-term safety and maintenance improvements 

Critical Fixes: Signing upgrades underway  

Contractors with the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) continue with sign upgrades this week as part of the 82nd Avenue Critical Fixes: Signing and Striping Project. Work is expected to continue through June.  

What improvements are coming in the near-term to 82nd Avenue?  

Explore all the 82nd Avenue Critical Fixes projects in our new online interactive map. The map shows near-term projects that will be constructed between 2023 and 2026.   

Image shows a screenshot of the Building a Better 82nd Critical Fixes interactive project map.

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