Building a Better 82nd: January 19, 2023 Update

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This twice-monthly email includes updates about PBOT's work along 82nd Avenue and highlights events and engagement opportunities hosted by PBOT and our partners.
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Thank you for your interest in Building a Better 82nd! PBOT’s Building a Better 82nd Project includes near-term Critical Fixes and the 82nd Avenue Civic Corridor Investment Strategy in coordination with our partners at TriMet, Metro, and the 82nd Avenue Community Coalition. This twice-monthly email will include updates about PBOT's work along 82nd Avenue and will highlight events and engagement opportunities hosted by PBOT and our partners.

Critical Fixes: Near-term Safety and Maintenance Improvements

PBOT’s Building a Better 82nd will invest $80 million in critical safety and maintenance repairs. In 2022, PBOT began consulting with neighboring property owners about the nearest-term investments  on the corridor, called Critical Fixes. Construction of these Critical Fixes, which include signal technology upgrades, new signage and striping, improved lighting and new pedestrian crossings, will begin in 2023.

The largest Critical Fixes project, the 82nd Avenue Major Maintenance project, is entering the design phase. During the design phase, engineers develop the detailed plans for the improvements and enhancements coming to the street. These include civil elements like concrete pedestrian crossing islands, paving and ADA standard curb ramps, electrical elements such as signals and lighting enhancements, and traffic elements that identify the specific placement of street markings along the corridor. As part of the design process, PBOT staff will engage with property owners and residents along the corridor and offer opportunities for feedback on various aspects of the project’s design.

Click here to learn more about the Critical Fixes.

82nd Avenue Civic Corridor Investment Strategy
(Future Investments)

In addition to critical safety and maintenance repairs, PBOT will invest $105 million in future investments for 82nd Ave as part of Building a Better 82nd. Throughout 2023, PBOT will continue to conduct broad and inclusive community engagement and work directly with community-based organizations and agency partners to determine what the bureau should focus on for improving 82nd Avenue long-term. Opportunities to get involved and upcoming events will be highlighted here in these email newsletters.  

Upcoming Events

  • This spring PBOT will be hosting in-person workshops and an online open house to share information and receive community feedback. Dates will be announced soon.

Related Efforts

82nd Avenue Transit Project
Metro is working closely with TriMet, PBOT, and community-based organizations to decide on future investments that support transit along 82nd Avenue.

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82nd Avenue Community Coalition
Throughout the public engagement process, PBOT will be working alongside the 82nd Avenue Coalition. Convened by Oregon Walks, Verde, Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO), and Unite Oregon, this coalition is made up of people and organizations that live, work, and play along 82nd Avenue.

Click here to learn more or to join the coalition.

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