82nd Avenue Critical Fixes

PBOT is investing in 82nd Avenue to deliver critical fixes now. The needed urgent safety and maintenance repairs to the corridor include paving, crossings, lighting, safety improvements at intersections, and sidewalk improvements. 
The graphic shows different icons that represent the elements included in the Critical Fixes construction. The icons include a construction worker, streetlighting, a pedestrian walking in a crosswalk, an intersection, street paving machinery, and a traffic signal.
Multiple projects in construction 2022 to 2026
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What's happening now?

November 2023 Update

Projects in design: 

October 2023 Update

Projects in construction: 

Projects in design: 

August 2023 Update

Contractors are wrapping up with street sign upgrades along the corridor and have begun installing high-visibility crosswalks at signalized intersection. This work will continue through September. 

In addition, the project team and contractors are preparing for construction on a package of crossing and street lighting improvements, including:

Minor utility work activity is anticipated this summer related to these improvements. The project team will provide a more detailed construction schedule as soon as available.  

Lastly, the project team is wrapping up public engagement with property owners and residents along the corridor about the 82nd Avenue Major Maintenance project and concept design. 

March 2023 Update

PBOT released a draft concept design and solicited feedback on the largest Critical Fixes project, the 82nd Avenue Major Maintenance project. As part of the design process, PBOT staff engaged with property owners and residents along the corridor through presentations to community organizations, door-to-door canvassing, phone banking, and one-on-one meetings.

January 2023 Update

PBOT began its multi-year effort to bring urgent safety and maintenance repairs to 82nd Avenue with the installation of new speed reader boards and traffic signal controllers on the 7-mile corridor.

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82nd Avenue is in disrepair and needs urgent maintenance and safety repairs. PBOT will invest federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding to deliver more lighting, safer crossings, smoother pavement, sidewalk and accessibility improvements, and upgraded traffic signals.

Explore all of the 82nd Avenue Critical Fixes projects in our new online interactive map. The map shows near-term projects that will be constructed between 2023 and 2026.

Image shows a screenshot of the Building a Better 82nd Critical Fixes interactive project map.

Or, learn more about the types of improvements below or by viewing the 82nd Avenue Critical Fixes Factsheet.

Improvement Types
The graphic shows a streetlight icon.

New streetlighting will be added and existing streetlights will be improved to improve visibility. Click here to learn more.

The graphic shows an icon of a person walking in a crosswalk.

New signalized pedestrian crossings will be added and safety improvements will be made to existing crossings. Click here to learn more about project delivering crossings.

The graphic shows an icon of an intersection.

Updated signage, roadway striping, new signal heads, and technological enhancements will improve safety corridor-wide. Click here to learn more.

The graphic shows an icon of equipment for paving streets.

A portion of 82nd Avenue will be repaved in 2025 and 2026. Additional improvements along these repaved segments include improved curb ramps, crossing and signal improvements, transit improvements, median islands in some locations, and tree planting. Click here to learn more about the Major Maintenance Project.

The graphic shows an icon of a traffic signal.

Nine signals will be rebuilt along 82nd Avenue to include modern safety and traffic operation technology. Click here to learn more about projects delivering traffic signals.


Critical Fixes will take place through the end of 2026. Beginning in 2022, PBOT will consult with neighboring property owners about nearest-term investments. PBOT will work closely with businesses owners during construction to minimize impacts and clearly communicate how employees and visitors can access their location. Construction of these improvements must be built by the end 2026 or PBOT will lose this federal funding.

Community calls for Critical Fixes

The jurisdictional transfer of 82nd Avenue and Critical Fixes investments are the culmination of years of work by community and their state and local representatives. Community advocates have put lots of resources into developing a vision for 82nd Avenue and have worked hard to hold local governments accountable for addressing the urgent repair and safety needs along the corridor. Watch this video to hear directly from local community about the need for Building a Better 82nd.

Screenshot from 82nd Ave video of Sophomore, Alan Escobedo, from McDaniel High School
Watch the VIDEO: Community voices call for Building a Better 82nd Avenue


This map of 82nd Avenue shows crossing improvements.

Over the next several years, PBOT and ODOT will add a total of 21 new or upgraded crossings on 82nd Avenue to improve safety and fill many of the existing crossing gaps.

Crossings completed in 2022 and 2023:

Crossings planned for construction in 2023 and 2024 at:

Crossing planned for construction in 2025 and 2026 at:

* This project will be completed by the Oregon Department of Transportation.

Traffic Signals

This image shows a map of traffic signal rebuilds and flashing beacon rebuilds along 82nd Avenue.

PBOT will upgrade nine traffic signals. By the end of 2026, signals and beacons will be rebuilt to include modern safety and traffic operation technology at the following locations: