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82nd Avenue Civic Corridor Investment Strategy

In Planning
After making the most critical repairs, PBOT will identify and prioritize future investments through the Civic Corridor Investment Strategy.
The image shows graphic shows people walking in front of store fronts, a person in a wheel chair, people waiting at a bus stop, bike parking, and street lighting.
2021 to 2027
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What's Happening Now?

In-person District Workshops - Thank you for joining us!

PBOT, along with other agency and community partners, hosted three District Workshops this summer focused on three different segments of 82nd Avenue: North, Center, and South. These workshops took a deeper diver into the transportation issues and opportunities along 82nd Avenue. Workshops were in-person and open to the public. 

Four people standing and one person in a wheelchair look at display boards with information about 82nd Avenue projects.
Over 160 community members attended three district workshops in summer 2023.

Workshop Materials

Miss the workshops? You can still review the workshop materials below!  

Several people look at workshop boards in a large indoor space, while two more people talk to each other.
The workshops provided community members an opportunity to take a deep dive into the transportation issues and planned improvements, as well as provide feedback directly to the project team.

Project Overview

After making the most critical repairs, PBOT will identify and prioritize future investments for a better 82nd Avenue. Over the next two years, PBOT will conduct broad and inclusive community engagement and work directly with community-based organizations and agency partners to determine what the bureau should focus on for improving 82nd Avenue long-term. Funding will support: 

This icon shows a graphic of a pedestrian crossing.

The Critical Fixes investments will address the most immediate infrastructure needs along 82nd Avenue but not all of them. PBOT will develop a list of additional safety and maintenance projects for 82nd Avenue through data analysis, City policy guidance, and a broad and inclusive public process throughout 2023.

The image shows an icon of a food truck.

Deploy a range of strategies to slow and mitigate displacement of residents and businesses along 82nd Avenue. 

The image shows an icon of people standing at a bus stop with a street light.

PBOT will work closely with Metro, TriMet, and community-based organizations to decide on future investments that support transit along 82nd Avenue.

Click here to learn more about Metro's 82nd Avenue transit project 


Throughout 2023, PBOT will work with community to identify needs and understand priorities. This will help the project team identify investment opportunities and inform the draft investment strategy. The final investment strategy is expected by spring 2024.

Graphic timeline showing the project timeline for the Civic Corridor Investment Strategy. Adoption of a final plan is expected in spring 2024.

Community calls for Civic Corridor Investment Strategy

The jurisdictional transfer of 82nd Avenue and Critical Fixes investments are the culmination of years of work by community and their state and local representatives. Community advocates have put lots of resources into developing a vision for 82nd Avenue and have worked hard to hold local governments accountable for addressing the urgent repair and safety needs along the corridor. Watch this video to hear directly from local community about the need for Building a Better 82nd.

Screenshot from 82nd Ave video of Sophomore, Alan Escobedo, from McDaniel High School
Watch the VIDEO: Community voices call for Building a Better 82nd Avenue

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