Storm damage recovery

8 – Critical Fixes: Repaving & Curb Ramps

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) is working with the community to develop a comprehensive plan for improvements along 82nd Avenue.
Map showing the proposed locations along 82nd Avenue for repaving and curb ramp upgrades.

PBOT will invest about $35 million in repaving, restriping, and curb ramps along 82nd Avenue. 82nd Avenue will be repaved and restriped from:

  • NE Siskiyou Street to NE Schuyler Street
  • SE Mill Street to SE Foster Road
  • SE Foster Road to SE Clatsop Street*

* This project will be completed by the Oregon Department of Transportation.

All curb ramps along these segments will be upgraded to meet current ADA standards.

Today, less than 5% of 82nd Avenue has good quality pavement and curb ramps that meet federal requirements. After the repaving, restriping, and curb ramp upgrades are complete, 60% of 82nd Avenue will have good quality pavement and compliant curb ramps.

Bar graph for pavement and ADA ramps meeting PBOT standards. Before shows 5 percent and after shows 60 percent.