Storm damage recovery

5 – Critical Fixes: Lighting

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) is working with the community to develop a comprehensive plan for improvements along 82nd Avenue.
Map of project area on 82nd from NE Lombard to SE Clatsop with black lines showing lighting gaps.

PBOT will invest $2-5 million in additional street lighting along 82nd Avenue. This will fill the lighting gaps along the entire length of the corridor, which will help improve visibility for everyone. Wide roads like 82nd Avenue benefit from closely spaced streetlights and lighting on both sides of the road to improve visibility for all road users. Existing street lights will also be adjusted to improve visibility for people using the street.

Today, approximately 80% of 82nd Avenue has lighting on both sides of the street. After the new lighting is installed, 100% of 82nd Avenue will have lighting on both sides of the street, filling in all the existing lighting gaps.

Bar graph for percent of street lighting meeting PBOT standards.  Before shows 80 percent and after shows 100 percent.