4 – Critical Fixes Overview

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) is working with the community to develop a comprehensive plan for improvements along 82nd Avenue.

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82nd Avenue is in disrepair and needs urgent maintenance and safety repairs. By the end of 2026, PBOT will invest $80 million in federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding to deliver:

The graphic shows a streetlight icon.
Street Lighting
$2 - 5 million
The graphic shows an icon of a person walking in a crosswalk.
$12 - 15 million
The graphic shows an icon of an intersection.
Corridor Safety
$12 - 15 million
The graphic shows an icon of equipment for paving streets.
Pavement & Curb Ramps
$35 million
The graphic shows an icon of a traffic signal.
Traffic Signals
$15 million
$80 million


Project planning for Critical Fixes was completed through past planning efforts, such as PBOT’s 2019 82nd Avenue Plan. Beginning in 2022, PBOT will consult with neighboring property owners about nearest-term investments. More lighting and new crossings will be constructed along 82nd Avenue by the end of 2023, shown in the graphic as “Early Implementation.” In addition to lighting and crossing improvements, PBOT will develop and design other safety and maintenance improvements (as identified in the 2019 82nd Avenue Plan) by the end of 2024. PBOT will work closely with businesses owners during construction to minimize impacts and clearly communicate how employees and visitors can access their location. Construction of these improvements must be built by the end 2026 or PBOT will lose this federal funding.

This image show a graphic of the critical fixes timeline.


When all of the Critical Fixes are completed, 82nd Avenue will have more:

  • Street lighting
  • New and enhanced crossings
  • Updated traffic and street signs 
  • Smooth pavement
  • Curb ramps
  • Modern traffic signals and beacons
This graphic compares conditions of 82nd Avenue today to 82nd Avenue after 2026.
The image above compares the current conditions of lighting, crossings, pavement and curb ramps, and traffic signals on 82nd Avenue to the conditions by the end of 2026 when the $80 million investment is complete. More details about these comparisons are provided on the following webpages.