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2 – Community Voices of 82nd Avenue

State and local elected leaders, community advocates and organizations, and representatives of PBOT and ODOT stand near a busy intersection with a Vision Zero banner that reads "Saving lives with safe streets" during a press event celebrating the transfer of 82nd Avenue to the City of Portland.
The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) is working with the community to develop a comprehensive plan for improvements along 82nd Avenue. This is page 2 of our 82nd Avenue online open house, "Community Voices of 82nd Avenue."

The jurisdictional transfer of 82nd Avenue, completed in June 2022, is the culmination of years of work by community and their state and local representatives. Community advocates have put lots of resources into developing a vision for 82nd Avenue and have worked hard to hold local governments accountable for addressing the urgent repair and safety needs along the corridor.

With the jurisdictional transfer, PBOT now has the opportunity to realize the long-held community vision for 82nd Avenue to better serve the people who live, work, attend school, worship, and meet their daily needs in the corridor. Through the Building a Better 82nd Avenue program, PBOT will work closely with community to:

  • Address critical safety and maintenance needs in the near-term
  • Establish community stabilization resources to help promote equitable development
  • Actively manage the future vision for 82nd Avenue as a Civic Corridor

Throughout the public engagement process, PBOT will be working alongside the 82nd Avenue Coalition. Convened by Oregon Walks, Verde, APANO, and Unite Oregon, this coalition is made up of people and organizations that live, work, and play along 82nd Avenue. 

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This image shows a quote from State Representative Khanh Pham that reads, this long-awaited investment will transform 82nd Avenue from a dividing line in the city to a roadway that brings communities together. Our work begins to bring to life a vision for East Portland that is safe, easy, and convenient for residents to live and go where they need to go…This road has the potential to be a connecting force in the geographic heart of Portland.
This image shows a quote from Heidi Schultz, the co-chair of the McDaniel High School Safety Committee and an East Portland Resident. The quote reads, Our school community is hopeful that positive changes will come to 82nd Avenue with the transfer of ownership from ODOT to PBOT, and I am here to offer our help in any way we can to create a safe place for the students, and community members who utilize 82nd Avenue daily.
This image shows a quote from the executive director of Oregon Walks, Ashton Simpson that reads, our community has been  voicing concern over 82nd Avenue for many years and now we are heading in the right direction. We have seen so many lives lost or permanently damaged on this road and this is our opportunity to reimagine a better 82nd Avenue. This is a huge win for our community and I look forward to working together to bring equitable development to residents of East Portland!
This image shows a quote from Michael Sonnleitner a trustee of Portland Community College and an east Portland resident. The quote reads, Nancy Chapin has been active for decades with the 82nd Avenue Business Association. She inspired Brian Wong to start the 82nd Avenue improvement coalition. Those people should serve as an inspiration as to how we can reach out, educate elected officials, and move them to take actions. Let us keep these folks in mind and remember the past as we move into the future.
This image shows a quote from House Majority Leader Barbara Smith Warner that reads, 82nd Avenue isn’t just a state highway or a city street. It’s the spine of the community. It’s a vital thoroughfare that residents rely on and East Portlanders deserve a street that is safe, well maintained, and that they can be proud of.

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